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Large Art Paintings For Sale

Looking for colorful large or oversized original artwork for your walls? Large feature walls deserve large art and show-stopping paintings. Whether it is your Point Grey guest summer home, your Palm Desert winter home, your Las Vegas casino lobby, your Silicon Valley think tank, or your space station; you need large and even oversize Art […]


Ice Skating Paintings

Exhilarating ice skating paintings exude feelings of freedom and joy! Continuing on with a year exploring outdoor sports and pastimes of winter, these active paintings celebrate ice skating on glacial lakes. Beginning in January this year, the celebration kicked off with two new paintings exploring the playful discovery of hockey outdoors. These pond hockey paintings […]


Vancouver 2010 Olympics Inspires

How the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Influenced A Decade of Painting. The year was 2010, and I had been working as a full-time professional Canadian artist for 3 years. Before that I was doing what many do in my profession, work a side job to pay the bills, while making Art in my […]


2019 in Canadian Art

2019 in Canadian Art, My Year in Painting. In 2010 I set a goal for myself, to paint 25 to 35 new paintings every year and to do at least one thing every year in my art career, that I didn’t think I could achieve. For me goals are important motivators, and as a professional […]


Famous Canadian Landscapes

Painting an iconic landscape in Banff, Alberta – all hail Lake Louise In summer 2019, my art career led me to London England. My time in London coincided with the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth, which meant the opportunity to open the monarchs’ archives and share the mementos and stories of her personal life, […]


12 Years Painting Canada

Celebrating 12 Years Painting Canada. July 1, 2019 marked my 12th year as a full-time professional visual artist, painting Canada. This past week I received an email from an art dealer in the Silicon Valley, their first question to me, “how long have you been an artist?” This is always a very strange question to […]


Collectors Art

Curated art collections, ready for you to purchase. In our first article about curated art collections, we talked about the inception of the idea for these iconic art collections, crated and ready for you to purchase. The first release of ‘BOX SETS’ in March was a great success. A limited time offering to own curated […]


Figurative Art

Sharing The View – Figurative Art When I am not in the studio, I am outside exploring with my Nikon camera. I have always enjoyed observing life, appreciating the details, and looking for the connections. One thing I have noticed over the years is how the immense beauty of our natural landscapes and events, do […]


My Top Four – The Canadian Flag in Art

Celebrating Flag Day with the Canadian Flag in Art With a focus on Canada for the past decade, it was only a matter of time before the Canadian Flag found itself into this body of paintings celebrating the True North. Over the past decade of painting Canada on canvas the Canadian Flag, emblazoned with the […]


Celebrating 2017 In Canadian Art

The Work Behind The Artist – Looking Back at A Year Celebrating Art in Canada Every year I look back at the work behind the artist, meaning I celebrate the work behind the final product that is art. It is a behind the scenes view for my readers and a reminder that much goes into […]