Lake Louise Paintings

ice skating painting

Lake Louise Paintings: Inspired by a Magical Location in The Rockies

Lake Louise is many things to many people. Tens of thousands of people every year are drawn to this place for its natural beauty, purity and amazing uplifting energy. Paintings of Lake Louise, I have created a few, it is hard not to be inspired by the natural beauty of this place. Like Stonehenge, it is one of the major vortex points or power spots on earth. In the winter the clear glacial ice attracts skaters of all kinds to this energizing vista. It is a magical place, and the quintessential Canadian Christmas Card. When you walk onto the frozen lake and walk, snowshoe, ski or skate down to the base of the glacier, you are reminded just how small we are in the face of the Canadian landscape. There is a silence, the echo of nature, you can hear the snow fall from the trees and their branches bend under the weight of the wet snow. You hear the laughter of tourists and the sounds of the snow crunching under your feet. You hear the swish of the skates, skis and the wind as it blows through the valley. In the summer months the tropical teal glacial lake offers canoe, kayakers and swimmers a place to dip into cool water. It is a place to gather, to marvel at and to hike around. Like the Bermuda triangle, the vortex created here slowly draws you in and you may never want to leave. Dreamy in Canada.

Here are six paintings of Lake Louise;

10 canoe paintings

Poppies For Louise, 2011 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Poppies for Louise, 2013 Brandy Saturley

ice skating painting

Vortex, 2021 Brandy Saturley

lake louise HBC stripes pop art painting

Ride My Wake, 2014 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Stare Time at Lake Louise, 2019 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Lake Louise Swish, 2019 Brandy Saturley

imagine Lake Louise painting

Imagine Lake Louise, 2022 Brandy Saturley

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