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A selection of paintings grouped as collections by series, by Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley. Saturley is a contemporary Canadian painter who creates colourful and expressive portraits of the people, landscapes, and cultural icons of her home country. Through her bold use of colour and form, Saturley captures the essence of Canadian identity, celebrating the diversity and resilience of the people who inhabit this vast and varied land. From the rugged beauty of the West Coast to the urban energy of Toronto and Montreal, to the extreme East Coast of Newfoundland, Saturley’s paintings reflect the rich tapestry of Canadian life, inviting the viewer to see their own experiences and aspirations reflected in her work.

A celebrated Canadian contemporary painter and multidisciplinary artist known for her striking and colorful depictions of Canadian landscapes, cultural icons, and sports figures. Saturley is a Victoria, BC artist, based on Vancouver Island, and has exhibited various bodies of work across Canada. You can find her work in private and public collections across the country and abroad.

On this page you will find ‘collections’ (paintings made in a series) – groupings of paintings made under one theme or year. If you prefer to browse all paintings, please visit the ‘Paintings’ page. Questions? Contact us here.