The most well known Artworks of Brandy Saturley

ICONIC Canadian Paintings

Installation View: #ICONICCANUCK exhibition at CARFAC Alberta in Edmonton, 2013

Welcome to the ICONIC Collection

The ICONIC collection of paintings are the most well known, exhibited, published and recognized paintings created by celebrated Canadian pop art painter, Brandy Saturley. These Iconic Canadian paintings created under the oeuvre, #ICONICCANUCK – a hashtag the artist coined on Twitter in 2013 to describe her distinct style of Canadian Art.

Saturley’s work explores themes of identity, cultural icons, and the Canadian landscape.

Iconic [īˈkänik]: relating to or of the nature of an icon. Canuck [kəˈnək] : a Canadian (fun-loving expression for a Canadian). The hashtag became the title of the artists’ first public gallery exhibition, taking place in Edmonton at the end of 2013. Since then, #ICONICCANUCK not only references the paintings of Saturley that comment on pan-Canadian identity, it has become the painter’s persona, online and in the short documentary film produced in 2020. The ‘Iconic Canuck’ has quickly become the alter ego of Saturley, as the artist develops her own iconography, as a contemporary visual artist in Canada.