Known as the painter of ‘Canadianisms’ and ‘The Goalies Mask Painting’, the Symbolic paintings of Canadian artist Brandy Saturley bear more affinity to the American Precisionists and Magic Realism than to photo realism. Saturley’s approach to painting is figurative and relies on the use of bold colour, symbolism, and a re-organizing of the elements of the landscape; creating a unique expression about our relationship to the land and culture of the time. On this website you will find a large collection of artworks that span the past 15 years of the Canadian artists’ career, From the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the trees of Vancouver Island, from Canadian sport to ‘Canadianisms’, welcome to The Art of Brandy Saturley.

“My work is ‘thematic’ and for the past decade I have been fixated on Canada. When I look back at my career as a visual artist I am aware that my time working in the film industry, and my fascination with cinema and storytelling, has influenced my way of working in and out of the studio. I don’t paint landscapes, portraits or still-life, rather I am creating the equivalent of what I feel about a subject, through symbolism. My interest lies in telling the story of the landscape, person, or object. I’m not re-producing things as they appear, I am rendering things as they feel.”~ Brandy Saturley, 2017