I Create Paintings Stories Canadian Pop Art Iconography on Canvas.

Iconic Canadian Pop Art Style Paintings

Brandy Saturley is known for her iconic Canadian pop art style paintings. Contemporary paintings informed by Canada’s iconography, and the travels of this Canadian Artist.  Explore her distinctly stylized contemporary paintings featuring vivid colour palettes and elements of realism, set against modern abstract backgrounds. These paintings tell visual stories; encompassing themes related to Canadian popular culture, symbolism, people, nature and the landscapes of Canada. An internationally exhibited contemporary Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley’s paintings have garnered the Victoria, BC born painter notoriety as ‘the Voice of Canadian Pop Art’. Welcome to The Art of Brandy Saturley.

“Saturley, is known for her Canadiana-inspired acrylic paintings. Her vibrant Canadian art collection boasts landscapes, Tim Hortons cups and Canadian icons like Gord Downie and a hockey stick-holding Shania Twain. One painting depicts a Mi’kmaq performer and RCMP officer at the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary; another portrays a Canadian veteran poised above a field of red poppies. One piece portrays a couple standing outside the Montreal Forum, posed in the style of Grant Wood’s 1930 painting American Gothic. In Saturley’s interpretation, the woman wears a hoodie and the man holds a hockey stick in place of a pitchfork. Saturley coined the hashtag #IconicCanuck for her first public gallery exhibition and the name has followed her ever since as her Canadiana alter ego. Part of her fascination with the Canadian identity comes from growing up on Vancouver Island – separated from the rest of the country by ocean and often times, a completely different weather system.”