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Iconic Canadian Pop Art Style Paintings

“I am telling visual stories of my travels in Canada, from Coast to Coast to Coast.” Brandy Saturley is an acclaimed contemporary Canadian Visual Artist widely recognized for her evocative portrayals of Canadian culture, landscapes, people, wildlife, hockey and icons. An internationally exhibited Canadian Artist, Saturley’s paintings have garnered the Victoria, British Columbia born painter notoriety as ‘the Voice of Canadian Pop Art’. Here you will find a selection of paintings that have been collected, and some still available to collect, from more than 400 original Canadian paintings, created over nearly two decades working as a professional Canadian Visual Artist.

Welcome to The Art of Brandy Saturley.

A Visual Storyteller – Canadian Pop Art

“Saturley, is known for her Canadiana-inspired acrylic paintings and is a top Canadian visual artist. Her vibrant Canadian art collection boasts archetypal landscapes, Tim Hortons cups, Canadian icons like Gord Downie and a hockey stick-holding Shania Twain. One painting depicts a Mi’kmaq performer and RCMP officer at the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary; another portrays a Canadian veteran poised above a field of red poppies. One piece portrays a couple standing outside the Montreal Forum, posed in the style of Grant Wood’s 1930 painting American Gothic.  Saturley coined the hashtag #IconicCanuck for her first public gallery exhibition and the name has followed her ever since as her Canadiana alter ego. Part of her fascination with the Canadian identity comes from growing up on Vancouver Island – separated from the rest of the country by ocean and often times, a completely different weather system.” Her unique style has been called ‘Canadian Pop Art’, Pop Realism and more recently Pop Modernism, regardless of art movement or style, her work will always be recognized by her bold use of colour, hard edges and distinctive style of visual storytelling.

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Birth of Hockey Paintings

“In 2010, I discovered a new muse that had eluded my work — ice hockey. The fervor and pride ignited by Canada’s gold triumph at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics were contagious, impossible to resist. The electrifying atmosphere and infectious passion surrounding the sport infiltrated my senses, and Hockey seamlessly wove its way into my paintings about Canada.

Marking the genesis of this series is the iconic painting, ‘Goalie’s Mask: Red, White & Dryden,’ a realistic portrayal of Ken Dryden’s pretzel mask against the backdrop of the Canadian flag. This pivotal painting not only captured the essence of the moment but also earned me recognition, being shortlisted for the IOC Olympic Trophy in Sport and Art in 2014. The journey of this painting continued as it made its way to the Canadian Olympic Committee headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

This painting paved the way for a series of evocative paintings, each a profound commentary on Canada and the revered game of ice hockey. In one piece, I envisioned Lord Stanley’s Cup with a Lawren Harris-esque aura—snow-capped mountains providing a majestic backdrop, while hockey players fiercely battled for control of the puck in the foreground. A goaltender, perched near the brim, orchestrated the play from above, a symbolic representation of the Hockey Gods.

These paintings transcend mere art; they embody the spirit, passion, and legacy of the great game of hockey, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the collective pride of a nation. Join me on this artistic odyssey as we explore the profound connection between Canada and the timeless beauty of ice hockey through my brushstrokes.”