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Canadian Visual Artist Brandy Saturley is a visual storyteller, painter, and #ICONICCANUCK™

Artist Statement: I am obsessed with the iconography of Canada, and in turn I am creating my own.

Initially the work I became known for drew inspiration from “popular culture” and stereotypes, but as time passed, I became increasingly interested in gaining a genuine understanding of the collective Canadian consciousness. To achieve this, I embarked on a journey of exploration, traveling extensively and immersing myself in the local culture. By returning home to Vancouver Island, I gained a deeper appreciation of my own upbringing and cultural background. My artistic practice revolves around acrylic painting on canvas, although over the years, I have incorporated other mediums such as collage, photography, writing, and video. My paintings explore themes related to Canadian popular culture, symbolism, and landscapes, portrayed with vivid palettes and rendered in my distinctive pop realism style. While some describe me as a visual storyteller, others suggest that my work invites viewers to create their own stories. To me, art serves as a conduit for appreciating life more profoundly, and I believe that it simply exists, without the need for understanding or labels. Each viewer brings their own unique experiences and perspectives when engaging with a work of art, which can often trigger memories. When an art lover connects with my work, a gift is both given and received.

SHORT BIO: Brandy Saturley was born in Victoria, BC Canada. Saturley studied contemporary visual arts in London, England at The Royal College of Art & Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada. The artist also carries a degree in cinema from the Victoria Motion Picture School. Saturley’s work has been exhibited internationally and collected widely. Public collections include Colart Collection (Rossy Family Trust), Price’s Alarms, Canadian Tire, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, and Blue Ant Media. Saturley’s work was shortlisted for an Olympic Trophy in 2014.  Gaining notoriety as the ‘Voice of Canadian Pop Art’ ~ Whitehot Magazine NYC, 2018

In 2022, Saturley was awarded the Paul D. Fleck Fellowships in the Arts Endowment for her residency in the Leighton Studios at The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. The west coast based artist has been invited to join the October 2023 Artists in Residence program at the Pouch Cove Foundation in Newfoundland, Canada. She will be taking her west coast studio to the tip of the east coast of Canada for a new exciting journey.

canadian visual artist

Canadian Visual Artist, Brandy Saturley, in her Vancouver Island studio.

The Artworks of Brandy Saturley have been featured in numerous publications, websites and blogs including; CBC Arts, Forbes, Our Canada, More Our Canada, Whitehot Magazine NYC, Hart House Review, Okotoks Western Wheel , Whistler Traveller Magazine, Sherwood Park News, Canmore Leader News, Sportsnet, and in many Canadian blogs including AllHabs MagazineCanadian Art Junkie, Puckstruck, Dennis-Kane.com, Independent Sports News, Curry’s Canada, Life As Human, and a Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada. Saturley’s self-published works and portfolio are on file with ARTEXTE in Montreal, and the National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives

British Columbia born and West Coast raised, the Vancouver Island artist spends time traveling across Canada, her home and studio have always remained in Victoria, BC. The artist openly shares her studio process, art travel and road trips, exhibition news, and new painting releases on her Instagram page daily. You can follow Brandy Saturley on Instagram.

canadian visual artist

Canadian painter, Brandy Saturley, in her Victoria studio.

Critical Comments

“Confronting the enormity of the landscape has become a crucial aspect in Canadian identity, and a thread that is woven throughout Saturley’s work. ~ Andrea Bell

“Saturley’s paintings not only have a sense of humour, but also reference famous works of art. The artworks found in Canadianisms: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada, create an open dialogue of what it means to be Canadian. They are informed by our iconography, our passion, our humour, our tolerance and kindness.” Brenda Barry Byrne

The series, People of Canada, isn’t your traditional set of portraits. Saturley has asked Canadian “couples” to send her “their best photos of themselves as citizens of Canada.” She makes selections from the submitted selfies and transposes them onto iconic Canadian scenery. Christa Couture CBC Canada2017

Vancouver Island’s ‘Iconic Canuck’ paints portrayal of COVID-19. Artist shifted focus to inner world as pandemic changed Canadian cultural landscape. ~ Nina Grossman


ANDREA BELL is an art historian, critic and writer. Based in New York City.

BRENDA BARRY BYRNE is a Canadian Art Curator. She holds an MFA and BFA.

CHRISTA COUTURE is an award-winning performing and recording artist, non-fiction writer, broadcaster, and cyborg. She is also proudly Indigenous (mixed Cree and Scandinavian), queer, and a mom.

NINA GROSSMAN is a multi-media reporter and journalist.