Vibrant Newfoundland Impressions – Paintings Series

In 2023, Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley received a prestigious invitation from the Pouch Cove Foundation to partake in their exclusive artist residency at James Baird Gallery in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland. This rare opportunity allowed Saturley to delve deep into her exploration of the collective Canadian consciousness against the backdrop of the easternmost coast of Canada. From coast to coast to coast, Saturley’s paintings offer vibrant impressions of Newfoundland as her travels intertwine, continuously evolving and cementing her status as the contemporary ‘Voice of Canadian Pop Art’.

Vibrant Newfoundland Paintings

“The privilege of spending a month immersed in a place is one I hold with great reverence. My time in Newfoundland was an enriching journey into the heart of local culture, customs, and landscapes. Returning to my studio on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I find myself captivated by the myriad experiences and images from my trip. I’m currently in a phase of writing, sketching, and painting, drawing inspiration from these encounters. These profound experiences will undoubtedly fuel my artistic endeavors for the foreseeable future, perhaps even prompting a return to Newfoundland at a different season.”

Please enjoy these first few paintings inspired by spectacular Newfoundland.