Newfoundland Paintings

Newfoundland Paintings

Adventures in Newfoundland: A Journey through Three Paintings

Embarking on an art residency in Newfoundland, I found myself immersed in a landscape and culture vastly different from my westernmost home on Vancouver Island. In the heart of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, invited by the Pouch Cove Foundation and James Baird Gallery, I embraced the rugged beauty of this remote hamlet on the East Coast Trail. Culminating in three paintings about Newfoundland.

Artist Residency in Pouch Cove

Pouch Cove, Newfoundland panorama by Brandy Saturley

Exploring Newfoundland’s Unique Landscape: Three Paintings

Throughout October 2023, my days were filled with hikes, encounters with cod, and the creation of art inspired by the unique character of ‘The Rock.’ The resulting paintings, born from acrylic paint and gouache, reflect the island’s towering geography, the iconic Sou’Wester hats of cod fishermen, the Cape Bonavista lighthouse, vibrantly colored fishermen sheds, the dynamic ocean, seagulls, and the ever-changing light of the expansive skies.

Newfoundland Paintings

Pouch Cove Foundation, studio G, Brandy Saturley

Contrasts with Vancouver Island:

As a West Coast Canadian Artist staying on the Easternmost edge of Canada, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons with my home on Vancouver Island. While both islands exist as distinct biospheres, Newfoundland’s wild, wind-swept expanses contrast sharply with the mild, beach-strewn beauty of Vancouver Island. The differences in size, climate, and flora contribute to their individual charms, each offering a unique experience.

Newfoundland Paintings

Tinkers Point Path, East Coast Trail, Newfoundland – Brandy Saturley

Natural Wonders of Newfoundland:

The windiest points in North America reside in Newfoundland, contributing to a fierce winter. The landscape, reminiscent of Canada’s prairies, reveals vast flat expanses with stubby trees and thick forests. The rugged cliffsides, golden junipers, and vibrant hues of the ocean near the shoreline create a visual feast. The beaches, adorned with rocks in every conceivable color and texture, provide a unique canvas for exploration.

Newfoundland Paintings

Rocks in Newfoundland – Brandy Saturley

Cultural Identities:

Despite their shared insularity, Newfoundland and Vancouver Island fiercely guard their distinct identities. While Newfoundland is deeply Irish, Vancouver Island leans towards its British roots. Indigenous culture thrives on Vancouver Island, whereas Newfoundland, tragically, saw its Indigenous heritage wiped out.

Culinary Contrasts:

From the culinary perspective, Newfoundland’s traditional fare revolves around cod and potatoes, with dressing, gravy, and chips forming their unique take on poutine. Vancouver Island, on the other hand, boasts Fanny Bay oysters, locally grown greens, and a rich variety of vegetarian and vegan options, reflecting a diverse and health-conscious culinary scene.

Architectural Character:

Homes in Newfoundland, square or rectangular with vivid colors, reflect a sense of time standing still. In contrast, Vancouver Island’s residences showcase diverse styles, influenced by natural elements such as cedar, moss, rock, and beach aesthetics.

Newfoundland Paintings

The Battery, St. John’s Newfoundland – Brandy Saturley

A Love Letter to Newfoundland through three paintings

In the paintings born of my Newfoundland adventures, I aimed to capture the vivid palettes and dreamlike ambiance of this timeless place. The rhythms of traditional Newfoundland music, from jigs and reels to artists like Alan Doyle and Great Big Sea, infused my studio, creating what I affectionately call my ‘love letter to Newfoundland.


Newfoundland Paintings

The Rock and Roll, 56×36, acrylic and gouache on canvas, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

Of Whiskey Jigs and Floating Floors

Of Whiskey Jigs and Floating Floors, 48×36, acrylic on canvas, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

I Lost my Sou’Wester in Pouch Cove

I Lost my Sou’Wester in Pouch Cove, 64×28, acrylic on canvas, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

As my residency in Newfoundland concludes, I carry with me not only three new paintings but a deep appreciation for the distinct beauty, culture, and identity that define ‘The Rock.’ It’s an experience that has enriched my artistic perspective and left an indelible mark on my creative journey.

Newfoundland Paintings

Brandy Saturley Studio – Victoria BC Canada