How Artist’s Think

How Artist's Think

A Glimpse Inside: How Artist’s Think.

You never know when or where the ideas for a new artwork will come. Some days it is on a walk, on the treadmill or in the shower, and this morning I was thinking about how Artists’ think there’s a shared understanding, an absence of expectations, and a liberating space to breathe.

How Artist's Think

Artists perceive the world differently than the general society, constantly seeking to transcend its boundaries in order to create. Yet, we’ve also mastered the art of survival within this societal realm. While my work delves into Canadian pop culture, I often find myself approaching it from the flip side of the conversation, like an alien observing society. Recently, I stumbled upon motivational quotes on Pinterest, akin to those found in ‘The Secret’—a book I know about but haven’t read. It seems like a kinder, gentler, and more digestible ‘Art of War’ for those navigating middle-class life. But that’s just my speculation.

How Artist's Think

Being an artist in today’s world is a journey toward becoming the artist you were meant to be. It involves rediscovering the innocent inner child, once frightened by societal expectations. It’s about wearing blinders to shut out societal noise while absorbing and pouring out the world’s offerings onto the canvas. Despite the irony of celebrating individuality, being an individual in today’s world is challenging. I could optimize this blog post for the web using ChatGPT, but that would sacrifice the pure, honest sentiments about how I truly feel.

Artist’s think from the perspective of the child, with the knowledge of the adult.

How Artist's Think

Artists don’t naturally think in terms of a five-year plan, and while societal success may demand it, it’s not our natural state. I navigate the two sides of my brain, constantly on the red-eye of the mind. It’s a weird and wonderful life, offering new adventures and challenges that keep my mind elastic and my spirit young.

I never wanted children, or a drivers license or a diamond ring. I was not motivated by these things. Someday there might be a dog in my future, but for now I am happy to have a partner that shares my view of the world. What motivates me is the world and communicating my thoughts and experiences about this weird, wonderful planet through Art. As my career grows and my conversation with my art deepens, I am working my way back to that childhood inner voice that had questions about the world but didn’t know how to ask or explain, so I explored these questions and thoughts through making Art.

How Artist's THink

Growing up felt like survival, conforming to what the world wanted. Now is my time, where I tell the world how I see it. Since childhood, I’ve communicated my thoughts through art. The world is listening, and I’m growing faster than ever, alongside the rhythms of this beautiful, glorious, challenging place we call home. The world aches, and my inner child yearns to give everyone a big hug. I find solace and introspection in the music of Bowie, Florence and Billie these days, and always Joni and The Beatles, they speak to me loudly with soft voices.

This reflection on how artists think underscores our unique perspective. We notice everything, akin to children. At our core, artists are big kids burdened with the world’s knowledge, a weight we sometimes carry alone. We are super sensitive rods of fiercely independent energy, occasionally uniting to play, dance, and share ideas. Primarily, we embark on individual missions to awaken the world.

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The way artists think is something we can all embrace through their creations—paintings, sculptures, writing, visuals, comedy, and music. They are grand gifts to the world, ranging from a soft embrace to a kick in the ass. We, are here to heal the World.

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