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CANCON on and on – Painting Canada

For over a decade, my passion for exploring the vast and diverse landscapes of Canada has fueled my journey as a Canadian Artist. Born and residing on the secluded Vancouver Island, I’ve embarked on a quest to capture the essence of my homeland through the lens of my paintings. In this blog post, I have put together a small curated selection of artworks spanning nearly 15 years, 8 provinces and one Territory. Offering a visual storyteller’s perspective on Canada, from the Atlantic shores of Newfoundland to the northern reaches of the Northwest Territories. I am painting Canada.

The Vancouver Island Biosphere:

Living on Vancouver Island, a jewel on the extreme west coast, I’ve often felt the unique disconnect from the stereotypical Canadian icons. Our island biosphere operates under the unofficial motto, ‘keep it quiet,’ with many locals cherishing the desire to preserve its untouched beauty. While I understand this sentiment, I’ve chosen to share the untold stories of this hidden gem through my art.

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Painting by Brandy Saturley for private Vancouver Island residence.

A Collection of Canadian Stories:

In this blog post, I want to briefly touch on a collection of paintings, each telling a story of a specific region within Canada. From the rugged terrain of Newfoundland to the political and cultural heartbeat in Ottawa, my paintings capture the diverse essence of this vast country.

Brandy Saturley Painting Canada

Brandy Saturley in Brandon, Manitoba – 2020

Journey Through the Brushstrokes: CANCON Painting Canada

Newfoundland: An artistic expression of ‘The Rock,’ with its geological wonders, ferocious oceans, and iconic lighthouses guiding cod fishermen.

CANCON painting Canada

Painting of Cape Bonavista – The Rock and Roll – 2023

Ottawa: Canada’s capital, a picturesque city on a canal, and the epicenter of political culture.

CANCON Painting Canada

Painting of CWAC soldier against Canada and British flags – A Remembrance Day Painting 2014

Quebec: A deep dive into the historical significance of its culture and art scene, the heart of hockey, poutine, and maple syrup.

CANCON painting Canada

Painting about Ice skating on an outdoor pond in Montreal – 2023

Ontario: The bustling ‘Big Smoke,’ home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, a cultural melting pot, the Great Lakes, and the financial center of the country.

hockey paintings

Painting of hockey players ascending the Stanley Cup – 2015

Manitoba: A place of grit and community, known as the center of the country, with wheat kings, pond hockey, and a thriving artistic community.

Acclaimed Canadian Pop Art

A painting about Pond Hockey on Lake Winnipeg – 2021

Saskatchewan: The true prairies, a vast expanse of flatlands and farms, where the beauty of canola fields dances with the summer sky.

A painting of a rustic barn in the Saskatchewan prairies – 2020

Alberta: Home to oil, cowboys, and the majestic Rocky Mountains, where hospitality is as abundant as the breathtaking landscapes.

Investable Art

Canoeing at Sunset in Vermillion Lakes – Banff, Alberta – 2022

British Columbia: A haven of trees, sea-to-sky hikes, and warm temperatures, showcasing our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our four-legged friends.

CANCON Painting Canada

A woman wearing a hat upholding a canoe in front of the ocean – 2016

Northern Territories: A land of the Northern Lights, life on the edge of the Arctic Circle, and a community fiercely independent yet tightly knit in the face of challenging weather.

Healing Power of Art

Painting of a polar bear resting in front of a building in Yellowknife – 2023

Looking Ahead – The Continuing Journey

As I continue to paint Canada, my journey unfolds, and new destinations entice. The Yukon with it’s wild nature and Churchill, with their polar bears, await my artist eyes, while the Maritimes beckon as the next frontier in my evolving obsession with Canada. Join me as I delve deeper into the collective consciousness of this extraordinary country, capturing its soul one brushstroke at a time.

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