Significance of Art

Capturing the Zeitgeist: The Significance of Art in Today’s World

In a world pulsating with the rhythms of life, artists emerge as living diving rods—super-sensitive beings attuned to the currents of nature and the symphony of their surroundings. Like sponges, we absorb the essence of our existence, wringing it out through our chosen mediums. For me, creating art is a reflection of my daily journey as a human on this vast canvas we call Earth. It’s a testament to the times we live in—a visual dialogue with the world. Art holds profound significance in today’s world.

Significance of Art

Last year, my creative journey manifested in over twenty new original paintings, predominantly sprawling canvases that bore witness to my travels across Canada and reflections on the global landscape. Amidst the chaos, I felt an overwhelming need to embrace the world with a metaphorical hug, and so my art became the conduit for that embrace. I don’t dictate what I paint; I let the creative currents guide me. While I don’t create studies, I delve into my digital catalogue, a treasure trove of captured imagery from my experiences, reworking them into blueprints for future visual stories on canvas.

My artistic journey encompasses a spectrum of mediums—painting, drawing, photography, digital video, and performance. While the paintings stand as the final products, every facet of my creative process becomes art in itself. It’s a holistic approach, where the act of creation becomes as significant as the creation itself.

In 2023, my focus centered on my home studio in Vancouver Island, where I continued my exploration of the polar bear king’s journey. However, the world beckoned my attention to the unfolding events in Ukraine and the devastating fires in Yellowknife, NWT, and Lahaina, Hawaii. From Banff, Alberta, where I delivered my polar bear king paintings to Willock & Sax, to an artist residency in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, my year unfolded as a canvas of diverse experiences.

Significance of Art

The culmination of 2023 saw me crafting paintings inspired by Newfoundland, celebrating the indomitable spirit of its people and echoing the resilience of individuals worldwide fighting noble battles. Experimenting with the juxtaposition of oil paint and acrylics, a departure from my usual acrylics and gouache, these two final paintings of the year became vivid pop art expressions of determination.

Newfoundland Paintings

As we step into 2024, these paintings stand as a sign of the times, capturing the zeitgeist and heralding a new chapter in my artistic journey. Each stroke, each color, is a brushstroke in the grand blueprint of our shared human experience—a visual testimony to the spirit that defines us in this ever-evolving world.

IDOM – 24×18 inches, oil and acrylic on wood panel, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

Significance of Art

Portrait of the indomitable Canadian spirit. A woman wrapped in a scarlet red point blanket against a backdrop of Rocky Mountains. Pop art influences and Canadian symbolism throughout.

Rage On – 24×18 inches, oil and acrylic on wood panel, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

Significance of Art

Rage on and rage against the dying of the light. A symbolic painting of a fist rising from a mountainous landscape. Wrist wrapped in a multicolor fabric scarf, the sun and starry blue sky behind. Oil and acrylic on wood panel.

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