Featured Art Exhibition Photos: Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

A selection of photos from featured art exhibitions showing the artworks of Brandy Saturley. Public and commercial galleries, corporate collections, public venues and museums in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.

SYMBOLICALLY YOURS, FROM CANADA | Brandy Saturley Gallery, 2020 |  Berlin Kunstmatrix Gallery

Featured Art Exhibitions Canadian artist Brandy Saturley

virtual art exhibition by Canadian painter Brandy Saturley

TOGETHER/DIVIDED Mountain Forms Collective Gallery, 2020 | Brandy Saturley & Gisa Mayer | Berlin Kunstmatrix

exhibition poster mountain forms collective

WHAT IS AN IMAGE? group show | Dyson Gallery, 2019 | London, UK

brandy saturley and her paintings at dyson gallery opening london

CANADIANISMS: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada | at Okotoks Art Gallery, 2017

Featured Art Exhibitions paintings by Brandy Saturley

CANADIANISMS: A Half Decade Inspired by Canada | at Strathcona County Gallery @501, 2017

Strathcona County Gallery exhbition photos Brandy Saturley

#ICONICCANUCK | at Visual Arts Alberta, Gallery A, 2013/14

CARFAC Alberta galleries showing paintings by Brandy Saturley

The Artwork of Brandy Saturley At The Showroom Gallery at Victoria Premium Automobiles in Victoria, BC

Paintings by Canadian artist Brandy Saturley at Victoria Premium Automobiles

Corporate Art Installation | The Alexis Building in Victoria, BC

Corporate Art installation Victoria bc paintings by Brandy Saturley

The Artwork of Brandy Saturley | Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, AB

hockey gallery at Canadas Sports Hall showing hockey players and art

Nature’s Patterns | Brandy Saturley & Barbara Hirst | Edge Gallery 2011 | Canmore, Alberta CANADA

paintings by Brandy Saturley at Edge Gallery Canmore Alberta

Brandy Saturley & Barbara Hirst at Edge Gallery Canmore Alberta

Over the past two decades, paintings made by Canadian Pop Art painter, Brandy Saturley have been exhibited across Canada, in London, England and online with virtual galleries in Berlin, Germany.  An eclectic mix of venues, allowing everyone to experience Art. Putting Art in places it is typically found, like public and commercial galleries, as well as places where Art may not be so prevalent, such as high end automobile showrooms and museums of sport. Collaborating with business, across genres. Opening up endless possibilities for viewing and experiencing original fine art.

A diverse collection of original Canadian art; capturing stories, symbols, people, and the landscapes of Canada. If you are looking to present, or exhibit enduring original paintings, from a known Canadian artist, you have come to the right place. This art collection spans two decades of the Victoria born artists’ career, and this website features popular Canadian artworks, new paintings, sold paintings and commissioned art.

Exhibit work by Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley.