Art Rental – Five Benefits

Over the past decade or so health in the workplace has become an important topic in North America, and improving the health of our employees through uplifting surroundings is paramount. What our corporate environment says about our business is also important to brand perception. We want positive brands and positive surroundings, we all feel better and become more productive in an uplifting environment. We want to enjoy going to work, where we spend a great deal of our time.

This is where Art comes in. Have you ever noticed a beautiful work of Art on the wall of a business you visit? Perhaps it is a print, or a mural. It could be a unique sculpture, or a vividly colorful original painting. No matter the medium, Art creates ambiance. A stress reliever, Art encourages creative thinking and problem solving, and this points to productivity and positive neurons whizzing around, great for brainstorming meetings!

You could go out and buy mass produced prints sold at your favourite department store, they are inexpensive and offer the ability to easily match your surroundings, but this is decor and not Art. Once you buy it, you own it for life. Once it becomes dated, you will need to go out and buy more decor over time. I know what you are thinking, our office can’t afford original Art, and you couldn’t be more wrong! There are many ways to add original art to your walls without spending a fortune, and one of those is through renting Art. That’s right, just like leasing your office space, you can rent Art for the walls of your office. Here are five benefits of renting original art;

No Commitment Required

Renting original Art means you pay a low monthly fee. When you are tired of a painting, you can have the rental provider replace the art with something fresh and new. There is no obligation to keep the Art, and as tastes and times change, you can keep your corporate environment fresh, and on point. If you decide you love a piece, you can usually buy it for a discounted price. You can afford original Art!

Excitement of Something New

Like buying a new Herman Miller chair, renting Art offers the opportunity to shop for something new every few months, without having to acquire the art permanently. Imagine a new painting in your office every three months, with no commitment to buy! Christmas everyday, and a fresh new view to inspire.

Tax Benefit

Art rentals, as well as original art purchases for business, come with the added bonus of tax deductions in Canada. It’s a win-win benefit! You can write-off your monthly rental fee, in it’s entirety. (more on tax deductions for art)

Develop Your Art Taste for Art

Choosing new Art every few months for your corporate office walls, will allow you to have some fun and play around with different types of Art. This will allow you to develop your ‘Art taste’ as you gain an understanding of your likes and dislikes. Maybe your office and corporate environment fits with an abstract vibe, or maybe you like to liven up the walls with colour. Perhaps your taste is realism, or maybe your clients like a refreshing landscape to pause and enjoy. Developing your taste in Art is fun, it is a chance to try new things on your walls, go wild and choose things you never thought you would like, it may surprise you!

Increase Conversation Between Employees and Clients

An absolutely fascinating byproduct of Art in the workplace, is the conversation and engagement Art generates. A beautifully painted original artwork makes us pause, take notice, smile, laugh or even ponder. Art engages people. Your employees and clients will enjoy discussing what they see in a painting. They could talk about how it makes them feel, or simply that they relate to it, or like the colours. Art produces many great opportunities for interaction.

How and Where can I rent original paintings?

From public galleries to independent artists, there are many places that rent Art. Prices for renting Art vary, and they should include delivery and hanging service. Read what our corporate art rental clients have to say about renting original art from The Art of Brandy Saturley. Questions about art rental services with The Art of Brandy Saturley? Contact us now.