These 5 Paintings Are Confronting Global Warming in a Subtle Way

In recent years, as wildfires ignite across the globe and ocean levels rise, artists have been faced with expressing their feelings in paint about the crisis of our times. We are seeing more Art and paintings confronting the global warming crisis, more than ever. We can feel the urgency in our bones to address social and political issues as we are vessels of society who soak it all in and pour it out onto the canvas. For me, I have felt the call and seen these issues subtly and subconsciously spill into in my art over the years. It is impossible to ignore, when you feel the heat and see the floods. Art can be a beacon of hope, lighting the way and compelling us to act. It most certainly compels me to paint, offering a beautiful and visual way to express my thoughts on the global conversation.

I decided to address global warming and climate change from the perspective of the polar bear. As these great white bears find their icy hunting grounds shrinking and they travel further afoot to search for food, they are adapting to new terrain in order to survive.

Here are 5 polar bear paintings confronting global warming;

Paintings Confronting Global Warming

1. Wanderlust – painting of polar bear and snow goose being carried by a family on a canoe.

polar bear paintings

2. King of The Polar Bears – painting of a polar bear riding on top of a Jeep.

Paintings Confronting Global Warming

3. When Polar Bears Fly – painting of a polar bear jumping icebergs as they melt

Paintings Confronting Global Warming

4. Queen of The Polar Bears – painting of a female polar bear riding a Jeep through the prairies

Paintings Confronting Global Warming

5. Balance – painting of a polar bear balancing at the top of an iceberg raised by human hand on a platter

See more paintings addressing climate change and the Canadian experience.

From Vancouver Island to Maui; Five Paintings Inspired by Hawaii

Vancouver Island, off Canada’s Pacific Coast, is known for its mild climate and thriving arts community. Not unlike the Hawaiian Island of Maui, both islands inspire paintings of the ocean, the flora and fauna, and laid back vibes created by island life. While you could fit about 17 Maui’s into one Vancouver Island, there are a number of similarities between the islands and the culture. There is a vibrant surf community on both islands, and plentiful rainforest areas for exploring. While the ocean is colder and the sand grey on Vancouver Island, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying water sports of all kinds, just like on Maui. I haver always said that the perfect life would be splitting my time between painting and living in Canada and Hawaii. It is part of the reason I have explored Maui many times, each time coming home with photos, sketches and writing influenced by the time on the tropical Hawaiian gem. It is a place where many artists have escaped to over the years to recharge and immerse themselves in nature. One of my favourite historical painters, Georgia O’Keeffe – visited Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Island of Hawaii in 1939 and completed 20 paintings of flowers and landscapes in a span of nine weeks. Maui contemporary art first emerged in 1778 when the early Western explorers visited Hawaii and brought artists to document its striking landscape and unique people. This yielded paintings and drawings from contemporary artists like Jean Charlot, Joseph Sharp, and Robert Dampier. I recently returned again from Maui, with new ideas, birthing new paintings. Here are a five paintings inspired by Maui, surf, and Island Vibes.

Paintings Inspired by Hawaii

I Ukulele You, acrylic on canvas, 2022, Brandy Saturley

Paintings Inspired by Hawaii

Blue Crush, acrylic on canvas, 2022, Brandy Saturley

Jumping Pineapple, acrylic on canvas, 2022, Brandy Saturley

Paintings Inspired by Hawaii

Surfing Rainbows, acrylic on canvas, 2022, Brandy Saturley

Paintings Inspired by Hawaii

Allure of Maui, acrylic on canvas, 2018, Brandy Saturley

Battle of Alberta, depicted on canvas.

There are a couple iconic and classic NHL hockey rivalries between cities in Canada. There is the East Coast rivalry between Toronto’s Maple Leafs and Montreal’s Canadiens and then there is the Battle of Alberta, the classic hockey rivalry between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames. Over the years there have been many famous paintings celebrating Canada’s game of hockey. From paintings of hockey on the ice to paintings of the iconic and legendary players of the game, the game of ice hockey has inspired many artists and paintings over the years. For myself as a Canadian Visual Artist, the game of hockey has figured in my work of the past 15 years approximately 25 times, making it 17% of the time in my work. In 2013 I presented my first solo exhibition in Edmonton, in the show there were four paintings celebrating the game of hockey in a city that has a significant hockey history in the Stanley Cup winning Edmonton Oilers. Since 1980 The Battle of Alberta has been an intense and passionate rivalry between the most populous city of Calgary, against the capital city, Edmonton.

The rivalry also extends outside of team sports to international events. Both cities have hosted numerous national and international championships and other tournaments, often in a spirit of one-upmanship: there is constant need for local politicians to prove that their city is “world class” or at least better than the other. The constant one-upmanship of the two cities in this field has receded in recent years, and they cooperated in a successful joint bid to host the 2012 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. The Edmonton Oilers of 1983–90 are recognized as one of the NHL’s last great dynasties, with line-ups through this period that featured Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) legends like Gretzky, Glenn AndersonPaul CoffeyGrant FuhrJari Kurri and Mark Messier, guided by HHOF coach Glen Sather.

When choosing to depict one of Canada’s greatest hockey teams on canvas, I looked to the Great One, a goalie, and the Battle of Alberta for inspiration. My journey began with goal tender Dave Dryden and his iconic goalie mask. In the painting I depict his iconic mask on a postage stamp that bares his jersey number, 28.

Battle of Alberta painting

Dave Dryden mask painting 2013, Brandy Saturley

For the second painting I would choose the challenge of depicting the earth moving trade of The Great One to the Los Angeles Kings and Wayne Gretzky’s marriage to LA actress Janet Jones.

Battle of Alberta Painting

Wayne Gretzky traded to LA Kings painting, 2013 Brandy Saturley

For the third painting about the Edmonton Oilers dynasty I chose the legendary Battle of Alberta, mixed with humour and art history. An ode to Steve Smith, in the style of Jacques Louis David, referencing The Death of Marat painting created in 1793. “Saturley’s Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero is a take on the political painting The Death of Marat by French painter Jacques-Louis David, 1793. In Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero we see Oilers #5 (Steve Smith) sitting up in a tub surrounded with empty beer bottles while holding a letter and a pen. The letter that Smith is holding states: “Dear Grant, I have no words…, I’m sorry. So very sorry…”
This letter is in response to Smith’s rookie year when he scored a critical goal on his own goalie in the divisional final that allowed the Calgary Flames to move forward to the Stanley Cup. Grant Fuhr was the Oilers goalie that Smith scored on. The French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat in the painting The Death of Marat is found in the same position, but, unlike Smith, Marat has been murdered by political enemy Charlotte Corday. Corday blamed Marat for the September Massacre (a wave of killings in Paris and other cities in late summer 1792 during the French Revolution). The huge backlash received by Smith after scoring on his own team can be perceived as similar to the actions of Marat against his own people. But this is where the analogy ends; Smith recovered and went on to be a valued player by the Oilers and when they won the Stanley Cup the following year, Wayne Gretzky (opposite of Marat’s Charlotte Corday), handed him the cup to skate a lap at the arena. Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero is about perseverance and continuing on when the chips are down.”

Battle of Alberta painting

Steve Smith Edmonton Oilers painting 2012, Brandy Saturley

This painting was featured in the 2020 documentary film, “The Iconic Canuck” where the artist talks about the story behind the piece.

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Paintings for Mountain Lovers: Nine Paintings of Mountains

Driving from British Columbia to Alberta you must cross over through one of the world’s natural wonders, the giants of rock and snow, The Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is no wonder these landscapes have inspired artists for generations, creating paintings by mountain lovers for mountain lovers. The Rocky Mountains stretch 3,000 miles in a straight-line distance from the northernmost part of western Canada, to New Mexico. They are popular tourist destinations, especially for photographers, painters, hiking, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding. On this page you will find nine paintings for mountain lovers. From BC to Alberta, including Mount Robson the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and Waterton Lakes. From glacial peaks in Banff National Park to Lake Louise. These nine paintings capture the exhilaration of the peaks they depict.

paintings for mountain lovers

Mt. Robson, 2011 Brandy Saturley – A pop art style painting of the most grand peak in the BC/Alberta rocky mountain range. This is Mt. Robson, after a trip through the Rockies in 2010.

paintings for mountain lovers

Babel, 2011 Brandy Saturley

Paintings for mountain lovers

Cascade Mountain, 2011 Brandy Saturley – Cascade mountain painted in a pop art palette with vivid realism against a dark background. Capturing the mysterious character of the mountain with supersaturated palette. From the ‘I See Mountains’ series of paintings about the Rocky Mountains. This painting was updated in 2022.

Paintings for mountain lovers

Crowfoot, 2011 Brandy Saturley

mountain paintings

Mt. Temple, 2011 Brandy Saturley

mountain paintings

Assiniboine, 2011 Brandy Saturley

waterton lakes mountains

A Long and Winding Road, 2019 Brandy Saturley

waterton lakes

The Lake (Waterton Lakes) 2019 Brandy Saturley

From Sea to Sky, 2022 Brandy Saturley – A somewhat abstract and modern pop art painting from mountains to ocean. Featuring the Hudson’s Bay stripes in the lower half of the painting. Within the piece you can see mountains, ocean an perhaps even a canoe or two.

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Lake Louise Paintings: Inspired by a Magical Location in The Rockies

Lake Louise is many things to many people. Tens of thousands of people every year are drawn to this place for its natural beauty, purity and amazing uplifting energy. Paintings of Lake Louise, I have created a few, it is hard not to be inspired by the natural beauty of this place. Like Stonehenge, it is one of the major vortex points or power spots on earth. In the winter the clear glacial ice attracts skaters of all kinds to this energizing vista. It is a magical place, and the quintessential Canadian Christmas Card. When you walk onto the frozen lake and walk, snowshoe, ski or skate down to the base of the glacier, you are reminded just how small we are in the face of the Canadian landscape. There is a silence, the echo of nature, you can hear the snow fall from the trees and their branches bend under the weight of the wet snow. You hear the laughter of tourists and the sounds of the snow crunching under your feet. You hear the swish of the skates, skis and the wind as it blows through the valley. In the summer months the tropical teal glacial lake offers canoe, kayakers and swimmers a place to dip into cool water. It is a place to gather, to marvel at and to hike around. Like the Bermuda triangle, the vortex created here slowly draws you in and you may never want to leave. Dreamy in Canada.

Here are six paintings of Lake Louise;

10 canoe paintings

Poppies For Louise, 2011 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Poppies for Louise, 2013 Brandy Saturley

ice skating painting

Vortex, 2021 Brandy Saturley

lake louise HBC stripes pop art painting

Ride My Wake, 2014 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Stare Time at Lake Louise, 2019 Brandy Saturley

lake louise paintings

Lake Louise Swish, 2019 Brandy Saturley

imagine Lake Louise painting

Imagine Lake Louise, 2022 Brandy Saturley

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Hockey Paintings – 25 Paintings Inspired by Hockey

It was 2011 when the sport of ice hockey began appearing in my work. Over the course of the next decade the influence of hockey and the game on my artwork found me painting 25 hockey paintings to date. These aren’t your typical figurative works about hockey, but there is narrative based on the storied sport and it’s characters and objects, or icons. From the Montreal Canadiens to the Edmonton Oilers, from stories of Steve Smith to Jacques Plante, hockey has held court in my artist brain. In these paintings you will see hockey fans, Lord Stanley’s Cup, Ken and Dave Dryden’s goal tender masks and even a Canucks jersey. You will also see influences of Olympic hockey, stories of Robert Luongo and even vulcanized rubber hockey pucks. Carey Price, the 2021 women’s Olympic hockey team and even legendary commentator Don Cherry. Carey Price in goal, the punch line and Wayne & Janet Gretzky. In more recent years I began exploring the childhood feelings of being on the ice and discovering hockey outdoors on ponds and great lakes. Enjoy these 25 paintings of hockey, they are sure to bring a smile. While many are sold, there are a few gems waiting to join collections. We ship worldwide.

hockey paintings

A Cup for Louise, 2013 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

On Guard, 2013 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

Plante Rises, 2012 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

Goalie’s Mask, red white and Dryden, 2011 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

Mask Over Mountains, 2012 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

On Target, 2014 Brandy Saturley

goalies mask painting

Habitant, 2021 Brandy Saturley

hockey puck art

What is a Canadien? 2015 Brandy Saturley

hockey puck art

Pysanka Pucks, 2015 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

Stamped in Goal, 2012 Brandy Saturley

hockey painting canada

Death of A Rookie, 2012 Brandy Saturley

hockey art

The Number Nine, 2014 Brandy Saturley

available paintings montreal canadiens

Lovers in A Dangerous Time, 2015 Brandy Saturley

hockey players painting

A Punch Line and An Unknown, 2013 Brandy Saturley

canucks painting

Dreaming in The Colours of Eh, 2014 Brandy Saturley

wayne gretzky painting

The Boy Who Would Be A King, 2013 Brandy Saturley

olympic hockey painting

Fear Before Glory, 2013 Brandy Saturley

hockey painting

Rubber & Bone, 2013 Brandy Saturley

hockey paintings

The Climb, 2015 Brandy Saturley

hockey painting

De-saturated Cherry, 2012 Brandy Saturley

montreal canadiens in art

Canadiens Gothic, 2014 Brandy Saturley

pond hockey painting

The Prodigy, 2021 Brandy Saturley

pond hockey painting

Pond Hockey Days, 2021 Brandy Saturley

girls hockey painting

We Dream, 2022 Brandy Saturley

ice hockey painting

Vortex, 2021 Brandy Saturley

Watch the documentary film, The Iconic Canuck, in the film Brandy Saturley talks about some of the hockey paintings on this page.

Tax Refund? Consider the benefits of investing in original art.

Art, Wine, or Concert? have you ever considered the benefits of taking your tax refund and investing it in original art from an independent living artist?

Wine, Art, and Musical investments have offered better returns than cash or government bonds since 1900, research finds. When I buy art I’m not really looking for a reason, other than pure enjoyment of the artwork. I invest in things that I fall in love with, that bring me joy and that enrich my life in a way that money alone cannot. No matter how much you may love your stock, it doesn’t deliver the same jolt as a cellar full of wine or a house packed with original art. Life is hard, and far too short, I want to fill my world with things that make me vibrate from the inside out.

As a painter I live in a constant state of awareness and painting is about making people see, it’s about passion for life and all that surrounds, it is about connection to the vibrational systems of Earth and all it’s beauty. Art is an extension of the nature, no matter what it is we humans create, it is all ultimately inspired by nature. I am privileged to live a life of bleeding my heart out onto the canvas, and writing visual stories for future generations to enjoy.

While there are many options when it comes to investing your tax refund, I encourage you to take a some of that money, and invest it in pure, original, real, art, from a living artist. The benefits last generations and can be enjoyed daily. Buying Art is an investment in your good health and the health of those around you.

Here are five paintings to invest your tax refund into;

Golden Hour in The Heart of Canoeland – two scarlet red canoes meet at sunset, on a lake in Canada.

tax refund buy art

Mount Temple – A pop art style painting of a great peak in Alberta, this is Mt. Temple.

tax refund buy art

Dreaming Under Northern Lights – crisp northern air, standing under the aurora borealis.

tax refund buy art

King of The Polar Bears – A Polar Bear rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, snow capped Mt. Robson in the background.

invest in original art

Queen of The Polar Bears – a female Polar Bear rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, stopped on the railroad tracks of prairie Alberta.

tax refund buy art

Symbolic and painted with a distinctive Canadian ‘pop art’ style, these figurative landscapes bring together realistically painted subjects, set against vividly abstracted backgrounds. Creating stories about the landscape, rather than true to life representations. This collection of paintings features people and wildlife enjoying vast outdoor spaces, something that is plentiful in Canada. Sometimes musical or lyrical in nature, the artist paints stories influenced by her love of the geography of Canada.

See more artwork by Brandy Saturley.

Painting Stories Influenced by Hockey History – Montreal Canadiens Paintings

What excites you? is it a great novel, a heartfelt documentary, an energetic work of art, or maybe an exciting game of hockey? I am excited about all of these things, and they have all found their way into my work as a painter. The Montreal Canadiens have a storied history, an artist could focus their entire oeuvre on these historical moments of hockey. Over the years I have painted over a dozen works influenced by the history of the Habs. Currently there are six paintings available, telling stories of the Montreal Canadiens, hockey and Canada. Six available paintings about the Montreal Canadiens and their effect on Canadian culture.

1. Habitant – 60×40 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley

montreal canadiens in art

2. Lovers in a Dangerous Time – 36×36 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley

available paintings montreal canadiens

3. Canadiens Gothic – 48×36 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley

available paintings montreal canadiens

4. Saint Kanata – 48×36 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley

montreal canadiens in art

5. The Goalie’s Mask Painting – 48×36 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley

famous Canadian painting by Brandy Saturley

6. Plante Rises – 36×60 inches – acrylic painting on canvas – Brandy Saturley


A decade ago I read a book called, ‘The Game’ by Ken Dryden, the rest is history. Six available paintings, celebrating the influence of the Montreal Canadiens in Canadian Art. From the blue, white and red to the punch line, and the goal tenders perspective to the fans. From Jacques Plante to the Target Mask, celebrating the Habs in Art.

See more paintings by Brandy Saturley.

Canadian Pop Art style paintings, visual stories on canvas.

New Contemporary Landscape Art – Capturing the Spirit

As I type this I am listing to Joni Mitchell sing Canadahhhhahhahhhh, intermixed with birdsong coming through the patio door window of my office. I have just finished a new painting, about the spirit of the landscape, something I have been thinking about here in my studio on Vancouver Island where we are surrounded by nature and ocean on all sides. New contemporary landscape art, that captures the spirit of the landscape.

For years now my narrative brand of painting under the persona of #ICONICCANUCK has explored the people, symbols, icons and landscapes of Canada. Over the years I have overheard my work referred to as ‘visual storytelling’ and narrative art. Some have told me the work begs for a story from the viewer. Whatever the case I try not to think about it too much, my intention really comes from my need to communicate, visually, as words have never been my strong suit. Painting, like writing, gives me time to process what it is that I am seeing and my thoughts on these things. I am becoming more and more connected to the work, and less connected to the words, in a verbal sense, writing comes fluidly for me and flows like paint.

I am a human tuning fork, buried into the earth, vibrating outward onto the canvas and the virtual page on this blog and I have a new painting about the spirit of the landscape.

This new painting features an Elk that I met on a trip through Jasper National Park, a hummingbird that sips outside my studio and a Blue Jay. Set against a colourful modern background of sky, mountains, and trees, this is; “Only the Blue Jay Knows”. This original acrylic and gouache painting on canvas measures three feet high by four feet wide, with colours of Yves Klein blue, neon pop art outlines, and gilded gold details. With this painting nature ‘reigns’ and the vivid hues make the painting vibrate with life, like music on canvas.

A few photos and video clip of this new contemporary painting and behind the scenes in the studio;

contemporary landscape art

contemporary landscape art

new contemporary landscape art

This painting is available to own, see the full painting with additional photos here.

Feeling the spirit of the landscape and the nature that surrounds.

Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley a.k.a #iconiccanuck

The Six Most Expensive Paintings from Brandy Saturley

With a distinctive ‘pop art style’ and a uniquely Canadian perspective, the celebratory paintings of Canadian fine artist, Brandy Saturley have garnered the painter International attention. For over two decades the contemporary works of Saturley have been added to collections which include the works of Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven, Lee Henderson, Aaron Wiesenfeld, Riopelle, and even Emily Carr. Currently available to purchase and add to your art collection. Starting at $10,000 CAD up to 91,000 CAD, here are the most expensive paintings created by Canadian painter, Brandy Saturley.

Remember Us: portrait of a CWAC member in front of the union jack, with Flanders fields red poppies

six most expensive paintings

Habitant: painting of Ken Dryden’s Target goal tenders mask on a background of gold with hand prints

HBC Skull: painting of a black bear skull on Hudson’s Bay Stripes with red maple leaf on frontal lobe

six most expensive in art

Saint Kanata: exuberant painting of woman in the rocky mountains with Canada Geese and polar bears

top Canadian Art

Canadiens Gothic: painting of a Canadian couple wearing everyday clothing and Canadiens hockey jersey, in front of the old Montreal Forum

expensive art

and the most expensive painting about Canada and hockey, the ‘Goalie’s Mask Painting’ an iconic work featuring a goal tenders mask on a split Canadian flag

six most expensive paintings

Confronting the enormity of the landscape has become a crucial aspect in Canadian identity, and a thread that is woven throughout these paintings. Saturley’s artworks not only have a sense of humour, but reference famous works of art. These quirky and symbolic paintings, create an open dialogue of what it means to be Canadian. They are informed by our iconography, our passion, our humour, our tolerance and kindness. These paintings tell a story, encompassing themes related to Canadian popular culture, symbolism, people and the landscapes of Canada.  An internationally exhibited Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley’s ‘POP Canadianisms’ series of paintings have garnered the Victoria, BC born painter notoriety as ‘The Voice of Canadian Pop Art’.  Celebrating 13 years as an independent full-time professional artist.