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Canada Day 2020 Art Show

Canadian artist Brandy Saturley

Celebrating a decade making Pop Canadianisms. It’s June 29, 2020 and the news keeps reminding us that ‘these are challenging times’ and they definitely are, but for artists and people that work in the Arts, we are always in challenging times, it goes with the job description. Art has the ability to uplift, create beauty, […]

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Symbolically Yours From Canada

Brandy Saturley Gallery Canadian Paintings

A Symbolic journey across Canada, through the eyes of a Canadian Artist I began life on an island on the western-most point in Canada, like a puzzle piece that was never placed in the final map of Canada. As a consequence, my preoccupation became everything that existed in my country, but not my island home. […]

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A Canadian Portrait Project

The People of Canada Gallery is now open! The Official Gallery of the People of Canada Portrait Project. Hundreds of photos, dozens of stories, 20 final portraits. You are invited to join us at the inaugural exhibition of the People of Canada Portrait Project. The paintings in this exhibition span six years. In 2014, I […]

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UPDATE: Art in Toronto at the 50th SCA International Exhibition

The Society of Canadian Artists 50th Open International Exhibition welcomed Canadian Art lovers on July 26 at Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum. The show is an outstanding representation of Art in Canada. From realism to abstraction, and emerging to established; the variety of artwork from across Canada is a rare treat for art lovers […]

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