Category: Canadian Art

The Road To Art

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley in her studio with landscape paintings

When the road delivers a story, and that story becomes landscape art. The work of art is always ‘fluid’ and the nice thing about this job is it lends itself well to periods of isolation, it is a requirement! But I am used to getting out of the studio pretty regularly between paintings, to experience life […]

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Red Dots Mean SOLD Art

virtual art gallery show - Brandy Saturley

Red Dots Mean The Vision of The Artist Survives Symbolically Yours, From Canada opened the day before Canada Day 2020. This virtual 3D art show, produced by the artist Brandy Saturley, allows the viewer to virtually experience a Canadian Art show a decade in the making. With 51 paintings encompassing themes of popular Canadian culture including; […]

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Flag Day in Canada 2020

painting of Canadian flag 2020

O Canada! Ten Paintings for Flag Day in Canada. I began painting ‘Pop Canadianisms’ in 2010, these paintings inspired by Canada’s popular culture, symbols, landscapes and icons have taken me on an unforgettable journey, as sweet as maple syrup! As a result, the iconic Canadian Flag of red, white and maple leaf appear throughout my […]

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