I Am The Polar Bear

Polar Bear Painting

I Am The Polar Bear – paintings and short story

Once upon a time, in a land made of ice and snow,
There lived a regal polar bear, with a crown atop his head, you know.
He was the Polar Bear King, loved by all in the land,
But his home was melting fast, oh, it was turning to sand!

I AM the Polar Bear

You see, the world was changing, getting warmer each day,
The icebergs were shrinking, and the snowflakes began to fray.
The Polar Bear King knew he had to find a new place,
Somewhere cold and icy, a land with endless space.

I Am the Polar Bear

With a heavy heart, he bid his kingdom farewell,
And set off on a journey, across Canada he would dwell.
He traveled through forests, over mountains so tall,
He met all sorts of creatures, big and small.

I Am the Polar Bear

The first stop was in the prairies so wide,
The Polar Bear King tried to blend in, oh, how he tried.
But the heat was unbearable, and the grass too dry,
So he continued his quest, with a hopeful sigh.

polar bear painting

Next, he arrived at the Great Lakes, shimmering blue,
But they were too warm for him, oh, it just wouldn’t do.
He swam and he swam, but it wasn’t quite right,
So he waved his paw goodbye and traveled into the night.

I Am the Polar Bear

Through the thick forests of Ontario, he roamed,
The trees provided shade, and the rivers gently foamed.
But the winters grew shorter, and the snow started to fade,
The Polar Bear King knew he couldn’t stay, he had to evade.

Polar Bear Painting

Onward he went, to the majestic Rocky Mountains,
With their snowy peaks and sparkling fountains.
But even there, the ice was thinning, oh, what a shame,
The Polar Bear King couldn’t bear to be the one to blame.

Polar Bear Painting

He ventured farther west, to the coastal shores,
Hoping the ocean breeze would bring him new doors.
But the waters were warmer, the fish harder to find,
The Polar Bear King realized he was running out of time.

polar bear paintings

With a heavy heart and tears in his eyes,
The Polar Bear King looked up to the skies.
He called upon the animals, far and near,
To help find a solution, to lend him an ear.

Banff Paintings

And lo and behold, the animals came,
From all corners of Canada, they joined in the game.
They brainstormed and planned, day and night,
To save the Polar Bear King, to make things right.

global warming painting

They built an enormous ice palace, cold and grand,
A sanctuary for the king, a majestic land.
It floated on the northern seas, so vast,
A symbol of hope, built to forever last.

contemporary canadian paintings

The Polar Bear King found solace within those walls,
With his loyal subjects, the seals and the squalls.
He ruled with kindness and embraced his new home,
A beacon of hope, where the cold winds would roam.

And so, the tale of the Polar Bear King came to an end,
A story of resilience, a message we must send.
For our world is changing, it’s up to us to decide,
To protect the wonders of nature, to stand side by side.

Let’s care for our planet, with love and with might,
So all creatures, big and small, can sleep soundly at night.
For the Polar Bear King and his icy domain,
Let’s make a difference, and ensure they remain.


Iconic Canuck (a.k.a. Brandy Saturley)

I Am The Polar Bear

Polar Bear paintings by contemporary Canadian painter, Brandy Saturley