Paintings for Mountain Lovers

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Paintings for Mountain Lovers: Nine Paintings of Mountains

Driving from British Columbia to Alberta you must cross over through one of the world’s natural wonders, the giants of rock and snow, The Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is no wonder these landscapes have inspired artists for generations, creating paintings by mountain lovers for mountain lovers. The Rocky Mountains stretch 3,000 miles in a straight-line distance from the northernmost part of western Canada, to New Mexico. They are popular tourist destinations, especially for photographers, painters, hiking, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding. On this page you will find nine paintings for mountain lovers. From BC to Alberta, including Mount Robson the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and Waterton Lakes. From glacial peaks in Banff National Park to Lake Louise. These nine paintings capture the exhilaration of the peaks they depict.

paintings for mountain lovers

Mt. Robson, 2011 Brandy Saturley – A pop art style painting of the most grand peak in the BC/Alberta rocky mountain range. This is Mt. Robson, after a trip through the Rockies in 2010.

paintings for mountain lovers

Babel, 2011 Brandy Saturley

Paintings for mountain lovers

Cascade Mountain, 2011 Brandy Saturley – Cascade mountain painted in a pop art palette with vivid realism against a dark background. Capturing the mysterious character of the mountain with supersaturated palette. From the ‘I See Mountains’ series of paintings about the Rocky Mountains. This painting was updated in 2022.

Paintings for mountain lovers

Crowfoot, 2011 Brandy Saturley

mountain paintings

Mt. Temple, 2011 Brandy Saturley

mountain paintings

Assiniboine, 2011 Brandy Saturley

waterton lakes mountains

A Long and Winding Road, 2019 Brandy Saturley

waterton lakes

The Lake (Waterton Lakes) 2019 Brandy Saturley

From Sea to Sky, 2022 Brandy Saturley – A somewhat abstract and modern pop art painting from mountains to ocean. Featuring the Hudson’s Bay stripes in the lower half of the painting. Within the piece you can see mountains, ocean an perhaps even a canoe or two.

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