Canadian Artists to Collect

Canadian pop art painter Brandy Saturley

20 Contemporary Canadian Artists to Collect Right Now.

Do professional Artists collect other Artist’s work? Hell yes we do, of course we do, we were born loving Art. In addition to collecting my own work, I collect work by other artists, mostly painters and mostly Canadian. Whether gifted, traded for, bought at auction, online or in a artists gallery, I am also a collector of primarily Canadian Artists. Here is a list of twenty Canadian Artists, I would put in my collection right now!

  1. Terry McCue is an Ojibway artist from the Curve Lake First Nation, in southeastern Ontario. I love his use of colour and subject matter. Bold and graphically pleasing contemporary Indigenous artworks. Canada House Gallery, Banff, Alberta Canada Canadian Artists to Collect
  2. Marsha Schuld is a multi-media artist working out of her studio in southern Saskatchewan. I love her clay crows and owls as well as her distinctive embroidery pieces. She received a second to none education from the skilled tutors at the Royal School of Needlework (RSN).  The result is a proudly earned Certification with Merit from the people who embroider the Queen’s coronation robes.  Willock & Sax, Banff Alberta  Canada
  3. Luther Pokrant his illustration work is thematic or historical, often of other artists or their work, or the creative process itself. I love his use of colour, his dreamy subject matter and palettes and his visual storytelling. Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg
  4. Diana Thorneycroft is a Winnipeg artist and photographer who became known for her installation photographs and re-creations of Group of Seven paintings. She brings humour to the socio-political commentary and stories she is weaving through her detailed photographs. Michael Gibson Gallery, London Ontario
  5. Winnie Truong is a Toronto artist working with drawing and animation to explore ideas of identity, feminism, and fantasy and finding its connections and transgressions in the natural world. I love her drawings, they are precise designs with feminine treasures and stories held within. Patel Brown Gallery, Toronto Canada
  6. Mike Hansen is a senior Canadian artist who uses sound and noise to develop artworks in various mediums. He is well known as an established colourist painter, sound artist and experimental musician. His body of work explores the visualization of sound and noise. While I love his large abstract paintings of colour and form, I was quite intrigued by his upholstered pieces that I slept under at the Pouch Cove residency in Newfoundland. James Baird Gallery, Newfoundland
  7. Andrew Valko is a well-known Canadian Hyper-Realist whose paintings explore the psychological tension caused by observation. Layered with open-ended ambiguity, his compositions subtly weave narratives that imply that there is much more than meets the eye. The works are set in neon-lit motels, drive-in theatres and parking lots; it is in these transient locations that Valko captures intense moments that tell an unfinished story. Louis K. Meisel Gallery, NYC Canadian Artists to Collect
  8. Daren Whalen more often the subject of his paintings are people. Intensely detailed and beautiful figurative paintings that tell stories of Newfoundland. Emma Butler Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada Canadian Artists to Collect
  9. Kent Monkman is an interdisciplinary Cree visual artist. A member of Fisher River Cree Nation in Treaty 5 Territory (Manitoba), he lives and works in New York City and Toronto. Gender fluid, Indigenous commentaries on colonialism, realistic visual stories fused with fantasy and magic. Artists’ website.
  10. Kim Dorland’s practice reflects a fascination with the enigmatic Canadian landscape as it comes into contact with contemporary urban experience. The psychological atmosphere represented by Dorland is confrontational and hallucinatory, disrupting conventional ideas that the natural world is a place of solace and contemplation. His paintings fascinate me and I am drawn to the sometimes fluorescent palettes and dark imagery. Another painter that tells visual stories in his work. Angell Gallery, Toronto CanadaCanadian Artists to Collect
  11. Karel Funk lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada. Contemporary urbanism, technical figurative paintings, backs of hoodies, jackets and hats, they draw you into his paintings. The minimalism and cool tones add to the mystery of who might be wearing those clothes. Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver BC
  12. David Pirrie – obsessed with mountain’s, this painter offers a contemporary pop art style take on these marvelous beauties. Meticulously rendered and fused with vivid colours and distinctive patterns. Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC
  13. Eric Louie is a Vancouver-based painter whose vibrant compositions are being recognized by numerous collectors both public and private. His signature metallic, shimmering forms, achieved via many thin layers of luminescent glazes, are central to the virtual worlds he creates. These abstract paintings are somewhat transcendental in nature. They are metallic meditations on the rythyms of nature.  Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto Ontario
  14. Shawn Serfas – thick and juicy, vivid and dimensional, buttery and sculptural, his abstracts are a treat to delve into. – Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna BC
  15. Catherine Blackburn – contemporary Indigenous beadwork and living sculptures. Artist website.
  16. Curtis Cutshaw – textual abstracts of sculptural collage, makes me want to stare for hours and try and find the words within. Kostiuk Gallery, Vancouver BC
  17. Luke Ramsay – magical landscapes and west coast FERRY tales of form and pastel palettes Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC
  18. Angela Grossman – human figures and ephemeral layers of letters, photographs, addresses, envelopes, postage and cancellation marks. Herringer Kiss Gallery Calgary, AB
  19. Steve Driscoll – creates fine art using unorthodox materials. I find his abstract searing landscapes Hockney-esque and glossy.  – Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, Canada
  20. Bob Kebic – Group Of Seven-esque, textural and vivid abstract landscapes. They male you feel alive and joyful. They make you smile every time you see them. Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, Canada Canadian Artists to Collect

From hyper-realism, to figurative, narrative, abstract, landscape and fine embroidery craft, these are twenty artworks by contemporary Canadian artists I would put in my collection right now.

Canadian Artists to Collect