Investable Art: Factors Influencing an Artist’s Valuation.

When it comes to investable Art, various factors contribute to an artist’s valuation and the perceived value of their works. While some elements are widely acknowledged, others, such as the concept of limited supply and luck, have been subject to debate within the art world. In this blog post, we will delve into the factors that truly influence an artist’s valuation, examining the role of limited supply and its relationship to an artist’s success.

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Canadianisms: A Half Decade Painting Canada, 2017 Okotoks Art Gallery, Alberta Canada

  1. Artistic Reputation and Recognition: An artist’s reputation plays a crucial role in determining their valuation. Recognition by prestigious art institutions, participation in renowned exhibitions, and critical acclaim establish an artist’s credibility and elevate the perceived value of their works. This recognition is based on the quality and impact of an artist’s creations, rather than artificial scarcity.
  2. Market Demand and Collector Preferences: The demand for an artist’s works directly affects their valuation. Market trends, collector preferences, and shifts in artistic movements influence the demand for specific artists. While some artists might deliberately limit the number of works they produce, it is the market’s response to their art that determines its value.
  3. Artistic Innovation and Influence: Artists who introduce new techniques, styles, or concepts often attract attention and contribute to the evolution of art. Their influence on subsequent generations and their impact on the art world can enhance an artist’s valuation. The significance of an artist’s contribution to art history is not based on scarcity, but rather on the transformative nature of their work.
  4. Track Record and Consistency: An artist’s track record of producing high-quality works consistently over time can positively influence their valuation. Consistent artistic growth, successful sales, and a stable market presence indicate a strong investment potential. However, this is not directly related to limited supply but rather to the artist’s dedication and ability to consistently create compelling art.
  5. Rarity and Historical Significance: While limited supply might not be the primary driver of an artist’s valuation, the rarity and historical significance of certain works can contribute to their value. Historical masterpieces or works that mark significant milestones in an artist’s career or artistic movement can command high prices due to their cultural and historical importance.
  6. Persistence and Hard Work: The art world is highly competitive, and success often requires perseverance and hard work. Artists who consistently dedicate themselves to honing their craft, developing their style, and actively seeking opportunities for exposure increase their chances of success. The willingness to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles is an important factor in achieving recognition. As a collector, you should be paying attention to the hard working artist, because ultimately they are working to ensure the value of their works rise in the market. As their work continues to grow, they test the limits of their abilities within the work itself and in turn the art market.
  7. The Collector’s Eye: beyond monetary factors, you should buy what draws your eye. Whether the painting pierces your heart or makes you frown, be adventurous and buy something that moves you, that makes you question your existence on this planet. There are thousands of traditional landscape paintings out there; why not hang something eccentric, quirky, distinctive, and extraordinary on your walls?
Investable Art

Canadianisms: A Half Decade Painting Canada, 2017 Gallery @501, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Investable Art: Factors and the Role of Luck in an Artist’s Success

While the art market does use the concept of limited supply to create an aura of exclusivity, it is not the defining factor in an artist’s valuation or their success. Artistic reputation, market demand, collector preferences, artistic innovation, and historical significance have a more significant influence on an artist’s valuation. Understanding these factors can help investors make informed decisions based on the true merits of an artist and their works, rather than relying solely on the notion of limited supply.

Investing in artists and their works requires a balanced understanding of the key factors that contribute to their success. While talent, persistence, networking, timing, and effective marketing strategies are essential, luck also plays a role in an artist’s journey. Recognizing the combination of these elements can help investors make informed decisions while acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of the art market. Ultimately, investing in art entails both strategic evaluation and an appreciation for the intangible factors that contribute to an artist’s level of success. Most importantly, buy something that moves you!

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Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley atop her hand-painted art shipping crates

10 Paintings to Invest in now, by Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

Brandy Saturley, a Canadian artist, embodies the qualities that make her art a compelling investment opportunity. Her unique artistic vision, recognized by prestigious institutions and critics, showcases a consistent track record of high-quality works. With a strong market demand and a growing following, Saturley’s art aligns with current trends while pushing boundaries. Her innovative approach and cultural impact contribute to her legacy as an influential artist. By acquiring Saturley’s art now, collectors can secure not only aesthetically captivating pieces but also a potential long-term investment that reflects the artist’s rising reputation and the increasing demand for her work. Here are 10 imaginative, quirky, vivid and extraordinary paintings by Brandy Saturley to invest in now.

10. The Conversation – current price May 2023, $9000.00 CAD

Investable Art

9. King of The Polar Bears – current price May 2023, $7500.00 CAD

Investable Art

8. Golden Hour in The Heart of Canoeland – current price May 2023, $8900.00 CAD

Investable Art

7. Imagine Canoe – current price May 2023, $12,000.00 CAD

Investable Art

6. Dreaming in the Colours of Eh – current price May 2023, $7500.00 CAD

Investable Art

5. Balance– current price May 2023, $7500.00 CAD

Investable Art

4. Habitant– current price May 2023, $9000.00 CAD

Investable Art

3. Canadiens Gothic – current price May 2023, $15,575.00 CAD

Investable Art

2. Saint Kanata– current price May 2023, $15,575.00 CAD

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1.  Goalie’s Mask: red, white & Dryden – current price May 2023, $91,000.00 CAD

six most expensive paintings

Art Investment on the Rise

Did you know that Art has overtaken cars and watches to become the fastest growing luxury asset?

Art Investment on the Rise

Absolutely, art has become a popular and increasingly attractive asset for investors. In fact, recent reports indicate that art has overtaken cars and watches to become the fastest growing luxury asset. The art market has shown impressive growth in recent years, with many investors seeing significant returns on their art investments. With Art Investment on the rise, Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider investing in art:

  1. Tangible Asset: Art is a tangible asset, which means that you can physically hold and display it. Unlike stocks or bonds, which exist only on paper, art can be seen and enjoyed in person, making it a more satisfying and enjoyable investment.
  2. Diversification: Investing in art can help you diversify your portfolio. Art prices have historically had a low correlation with traditional financial assets like stocks and bonds, which means that investing in art can help reduce your overall portfolio risk.
  3. Limited Supply: Art is a finite asset, meaning that there is only a limited amount of it available. This scarcity can help drive up prices, making art a potentially valuable investment.
  4. Long-Term Investment: Investing in art is typically a long-term investment, meaning that it can provide you with a stable source of income over an extended period. Unlike stocks, which can be volatile and unpredictable, art tends to appreciate slowly and steadily over time.
  5. Appreciation Potential: Art can appreciate in value rapidly, especially if the artist becomes well-known or if the artwork gains cultural or historical significance. Many investors have made substantial profits from buying art at relatively low prices and selling them later at significantly higher prices.
  6. Potential Tax Benefits: Art can provide significant tax benefits for investors. For example, if you donate a piece of art to a museum or non-profit organization, you may be eligible for a tax deduction based on the artwork’s fair market value.
  7. Social and Cultural Significance: Investing in art allows you to participate in the cultural and social significance of the art world. Art has the power to convey messages, create dialogues, and spark conversations about important issues in society.
  8. Portfolio Hedge: Art can serve as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations. Since art is a physical asset, it can retain its value even in times of economic uncertainty or inflation.
  9. Portable: Art is portable, which means that you can easily transport it and sell it in different markets around the world. This flexibility can help you take advantage of different opportunities in the global art market.
  10. Emotional Value: Finally, art has emotional value, which means that it can provide you with personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Investing in art can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, allowing you to appreciate and enjoy the beauty and creativity of the artwork.

    Art Investment On the Rise

    End of An Era, acrylic on canvas, 2022, Brandy Saturley

In conclusion, investing in art can be a wise decision for many reasons. With its tangibility, diversification benefits, limited supply, long-term investment potential, appreciation potential, tax benefits, cultural significance, portfolio hedging capabilities, portability, and emotional value, art is an attractive and unique asset class. If you’re considering investing in art, it’s essential to do your research, work with experienced art advisors, and carefully consider the risks and potential rewards of each investment opportunity. With the right approach, investing in art can be a valuable and profitable addition to your portfolio. Read more about investing in Canadian Art here.

The information provided here is not investment advice. You should consult with a licensed professional for advice concerning your specific situation.

From the Art Vault Archive; Robert’s Picks Artwork of the Week

The past two years have been tough on all of us and we are definitely exhausted from the pandemic and the many changes the past two years have brought to our collective lives and how we live. Personally, as an independent Canadian visual artist, the past two years have been mentally and emotionally difficult to say the least. On top of that art sales also saw declines during the instability but things are looking up and we need to bounce back strong, hug each other and once again get back to enjoying every moment. We are bringing you a new feature, with picks from the art vault archive.

Now is the time for us to take stock in what is positive and uplifting in our lives. Investing in our mental health and the things that make us feel good reminds us of the beauty of life. One of these things is Art. At a time when you could be viewing the daily news stories that flood our screens, wouldn’t you rather enjoy beautiful original and creative artwork on your walls? Art offers an uplifting escape from the everyday, some positive energy in your life!

For years you may have been putting off that art purchase, waiting for the day you could afford the painting. Why put off to tomorrow what you could be appreciating today? I offer many ways for you to add a beautiful original painting to your world today, including financing, where you can have the art today and pay for it monthly in a way that suits your budget. Just last week, another new collector made the decision to own one of my paintings that spoke to her – she decided to lease, paying for the painting under low interest payments across the next 18 months. Don’t hold off on the things that can bring joy to your life today, and for many years to come. Art is something that can be appreciated daily and can be handed down for generations to enjoy.

art lease

My husband and business manager Robert, will be assisting me moving forward, handling much of the day to day business related to selling the art so I can continue to focus on creating something new. He has many favourites we will share on social media and on my website from the art vault, that he can’t believe haven’t sold yet. My website doesn’t show everything that is available and this will allow us to remind you of some of the fantastic art from my past 15 years that still await a new home. View some paintings from the archive now.

original acrylic paintings archive

Referral Program – trade in your painting by Brandy Saturley

As a collector of The Art of Brandy Saturley, you earn many benefits that allow you to change your view moving forward.

Let’s say you bought one of my paintings years ago but you want something new. My collectors have the exclusive opportunity to trade in their original Art of Brandy Saturley for something else! If you bought a painting years ago for $4200, I will take that piece back and credit you the same amount towards a new purchase.  This recently happened with a Stanley Cup painting which is now available once again.

Art Vault Archive

Another painting that has become available again to the public, for the first time in 15 years is one of our all-time favourites. A vivid and curvaceous painting featuring a jester and inspired by Las Vegas.

Interested in exploring this opportunity further – reach out to Robert at and tell him about the trade in you would like to explore.

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As you know, seeing the art in person is very different than seeing the art on the website. Robert loves to take road trips and will gladly make arrangements to bring you paintings to see in person or try in your space for a few days. If you are across Canada or beyond, we can always ship you paintings to trial for very little cost or Robert can take you more in depth virtually by arranging FaceTime or Zoom meetings with you to show you the art you like with a different view to help you make a decision. He can also use your supplied digital photo to superimpose the art on a wall. Often a visual on how the piece would fit into your life, helps make the decision that much easier – lets work together. It is so nice to have some help.

Own one of these works from The Art of Brandy Saturley now and improve your view for years to come.

Thank you again for supporting an independent Canadian Artist.


Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley