Banff Mountain Landscapes

Banff Mountain Landscapes – Majestic Mountains of Banff

Majestic is the best word to describe the Rocky Mountains of Canada, and in Winter these Banff mountain landscapes are dressed in blankets of white that sparkle. It is no wonder so many painters and photographers are drawn to these snowy landscapes of Banff and Lake Louise. Observation is the activity I choose in the mountains as I park myself near an icy lake surrounded by mountains as the light comes up, waking the surrounding landscapes. Watching the light outline the curves and folds of snow, giving the mountain a shape, a personality, a glow. It is a beautiful dance of cascading light and shadow, that sparkles as the light kisses each ice crystal. I could spend the entire day here, watching as the light moves over the mountain, changing the personality of each peak as the day moves on, a remarkable sight.

This November during an artist residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity I had the opportunity to explore these snowy landscapes bordered by these majestic mountain giants. From Banff to Bow Lake, these are some of the locations and mountains I was privileged enough to greet. On this trip I spent time recording and photographing Mt. Rundle, Crowfoot, Mount Girouard, Cascade, Howse Peak, Mount Patterson, and more. Here are a few photos from my time exploring these majestic mountain landscapes draped in snow and ice.

Banff Mountain Landscapes

Low angle view of Bow Lake towards Crowfoot Mountain

Banff Mountain Landscapes

Low angle view of icy Vermillion Lakes facing Mt. Rundle

Banff Mountain Landscapes

Photo at Two Jack Lake and Mount Girouard

Lake Minnewanka near Banff

Banff Mountain Landscapes

Driving around Lake Minnewanka – towards Cascade Mountain

Waterfowl Lakes, Icefields Parkway, Howse Peak

Mount Patterson at Peyto Lake

Driving towards Bow Lake and Mt. Crowfoot

Bow Lake and Crowfoot Mountain

Banff Mountain Landscapes

Mt. Rundle from Mt. Norquay – Banff townsite below

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