NEW Polar Bear Paintings

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Paintings of Polar Bears on The Road

Have you seen these polar bears? Discovering new sights, sounds, and experiences; these paintings of polar bears on the road, perched on the hood of a red Jeep Wrangler are pure Canadian pop art adventure. Over the years I have captured many moments with my Nikon camera as we drive across Canada, offering opportunities to capture authentic places that I can then incorporate into my pop art style Canadian paintings. These new paintings offer a narrative about the iconic polar bear looking for adventure.

King of the Polar Bears rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, snow capped Mt. Robson in the background. Taking a road trip through the rocky mountains of Canada. The polar bear wears an outlined King’s crown and rides with confidence, he is King of the North. Adapting to the changing climate, he is out for fun and adventure. Discovering new sights, sounds and experiences.

polar bear jeep painting

Queen of the Polar Bears rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, stopped on the railroad tracks of prairie Alberta. The electricity of the power lines above tingles and charges her journey. Taking a road trip across Canada. Positioned on the railway tracks, she pauses and takes in the moment. A stormy prairie sky and fields of wheat in the distance. Adapting to the changing climate; discovering new sights, sounds and experiences. This is a companion piece with King of The Polar Bears. 

female polar bear painting on jeep

These paintings offer a graphic and pop art style feeling, with realistically painted elements set against pop art backgrounds and outlines. These paintings are bold and distinctly Saturley.

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