21st Polar Bear Painting

21st polar bear painting

The Journey of the Polar Bear King Continues: Unveiling the 21st Polar Bear Painting

As our world evolves amidst the warming climate and melting ice, the polar bear, a majestic symbol of this changing landscape, has captivated my attention for several years. This year, more than ever before, I find myself drawn to the allure of this beautiful beast draped in a snowy white cape. My artistic journey intertwines with that of the polar bear, resulting in the completion of my 21st painting, a testament to our ongoing exploration together.

Focused on the Arctic realms, my new painting narrates a captivating story that encompasses landscapes, nature, and the people of this pristine region.

21st polar bear painting

The Chair of Contemplation: finishing the 21st polar bear painting

A New Narrative: Monarch of the Arctic Realms

This contemporary masterpiece unveils a majestic mountain landscape, adorned with ethereal brushstroke clouds and glistening icy waters, reflecting the ever-changing Arctic sky. At the forefront of this scene stands a magnificent polar bear, its regal presence subtly emphasized by the mystical outline of a crown hovering above its angular head. A ptarmigan bird perched atop this majestic creature adds a touch of whimsy, symbolizing the delicate balance within the Arctic ecosystem.

Beneath the polar bear, a young girl draped in vibrant red captures our attention. She finds solace amidst the frigid beauty of the Arctic, concealing herself behind a bouquet of vivid purple saxifrage, a stark contrast to the surrounding icy palette. The landscape, in a state of flux, portrays the undeniable impact of the changing world around us.

The mountains, rendered with mesmerizing simplicity, stand as bold blocks of color and dynamic contrasting stripes. This stunning piece is skillfully painted on raw cotton duck canvas, a deliberate choice that softens the artist’s edges while enhancing the allure of pop art-inspired outlines. The canvas, infused with fluid acrylics, creates a captivating effect, where colors flow into the very fabric of the artwork, imbuing it with a sense of depth and fluidity.

This painting tells a captivating narrative, serving as a profound commentary on the evolving Arctic, showcased on a grand canvas that commands attention. Its beauty and storytelling prowess elevate it to the status of a true masterpiece, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of nature and humanity within this ever-changing landscape.

As the polar bear’s presence continues to permeate my artistic vision, I’m moving beyond the canvas. To further develop this series, I’ve started incorporating short stories into my work, with the future creation of sculptures in mind.

21st polar bear painting

Monarch of The Arctic Realms acrylic and gouache on canvas 48 x 48 x 1.5 in (121.92 x 121.92 x 3.81 cm) Brandy Saturley 2023

The Details:  the 21st Polar Bear Painting

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“I AM The Polar Bear, and The Polar Bear is ME.”

This year, I’ve produced 12 new paintings featuring this magnificent white bear, often adorned with a crown of gold leaf. One of my polar bear paintings can be found on the Art in Nature Trail in Banff, Canada, and 7 smaller works are exhibited in the Willock & Sax Gallery in downtown Banff, appropriately located on Bear Street.