An Ethical Collaboration – The Art of Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Over the years, The Art of Brandy Saturley has proudly collaborated with a variety of distinctive brands and institutions. From ThinOptics reading glasses to the Vancouver Symphony, from fine wine to handmade chocolate bars, and even educational institutions, public schools, and university texts—wherever there’s a natural synergy, we’re eager to collaborate. Last year, our creative journey led us to a partnership with Grounded People, a revolutionary ethical footwear brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Introducing Brandy Saturley X Grounded People, unique artist collaborations launching Spring 2024.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People 2024

Artist Collaborations – Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Bringing together art and footwear, the collaboration between Brandy Saturley and Grounded People offers a unique fusion of creativity and style. Hand-painted with acrylics, The Art of Brandy Saturley tells four distinct visual stories on each pair of All SZN high-top shoes. Featuring Saturley’s signature ‘Pop Canadianisms’ style, the designs capture the essence of outdoor adventures in Canada, particularly the breathtaking landscapes of the Vancouver coastal mountains.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Original acrylic painting on Grounded People All SZN boots – Brandy Saturley, 2024

Each panel on the shoes showcases a unique story:

– Outside Left: Featuring ‘The Lions’ peaks, orcas, and maple leaves.
– Inside Left: Depicting the coastal mountain range and a Grounded hockey player.
– Outside Right: Showcasing the Garibaldi range (black tusk) with elk and a sunset.
– Inside Right: Highlighting more of the Garibaldi range with a Grounded snowboarder.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Artist collaborations: Brandy Saturley original painting on All SZN boots, 2024

The process of painting these shoes presented unique challenges due to the differing surfaces, but the result is a stunning blend of artistry and functionality.


Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Why collaborate with Grounded People?

Here are four compelling reasons:

1. Beautifully Designed and Comfortable Footwear: Grounded People’s footwear combines exquisite design with unparalleled comfort.
2. Ethical and Environmentally Conscious: Grounded People is committed to ethical manufacturing practices and environmental sustainability.
3. Unique Tracking System: Experience a unique journey through the creation of your footwear with Grounded People’s innovative tracking system.
4. Giving Back to the Community: Grounded People is dedicated to giving back through partnerships with charitable organizations.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Who are Grounded People?

Grounded People was founded with a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by setting a new ethical standard. They believe in producing fashion that minimizes environmental impact and prioritizes the well-being of all living beings.

Their commitment includes:

– Animal-Free Manufacturing: shoes are crafted without the use of animal products.
– Environmentally Friendly Materials: prioritize materials with low environmental impact to ensure durability and longevity.
– Fair Labor Practices: partner exclusively with manufacturers who uphold fair labor standards, ensuring workers are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

Additionally, their innovative LACES program offers versatility and supports charitable causes. With every pair of shoes purchased, we donate 100% of the proceeds to a charitable organization of your choice. Each charity is represented by a unique color of LACES, allowing you to support causes close to your heart.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Grounded People All SZN shoes

Check out all the Grounded People collaborations here.

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chocolate bars on hudsons bay point blanket

Navigating Art Commission Etiquette: A Guide for Clients and Artists

Embarking on an art commission journey can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, both for clients seeking unique pieces and for artists eager to bring visions to life. However, like any collaboration, it requires a delicate dance of communication and respect. Here’s a guide to navigating art commission etiquette that ensures a smooth and enjoyable process for both parties involved.

Firstly, when reaching out to an artist, it’s crucial to be clear and concise in your initial contact. Provide a brief introduction, express your interest in their work, and outline the basic details of your project. Artists appreciate specific inquiries, so include information about the size, medium, and any particular elements you have in mind. Respect their time by being upfront about your budget, allowing them to determine if the project aligns with their pricing structure.

Navigating Art Commission Etiquette

When describing your project, strike a balance between conveying your vision and giving the artist creative freedom. Share your ideas, inspirations, and any specific elements you’d like to see incorporated, but also encourage the artist to bring their unique perspective to the table. This collaboration often yields the most captivating and personal pieces of art.

On the flip side, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when approaching an artist. One common mistake is expressing interest in purchasing a specific existing piece and then changing gears to request a custom project. This can be frustrating for artists who may have invested time and energy into creating unique and distinctive works of art true to their vision, which is what makes you interested in their work in the first place. To prevent misunderstandings, be clear from the beginning about your intentions and the type of artwork you are seeking.

Navigating Art Commission Etiquette

In essence, successful art commission etiquette revolves around clear communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to collaborate. By fostering an open dialogue and appreciating the artist’s creative process, clients and artists can ensure a positive and rewarding experience that results in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Some painters thrive and survive through a robust commission business. These artists are more commercially oriented, often creating work to meet the needs of interior designers or to adorn empty walls with aesthetically pleasing pieces. Frequently, these artists offer affordable and easily produced works to satisfy a specific market.

Artists like myself, however, produce bodies of work that stay true to our distinctive vision. These meticulously developed artworks require time and dedication to fulfill the artist’s unique perspective. Commissioning this type of artist may come at a higher price, as they invest time away from their usual creations to craft something custom to meet a client’s specifications. Due to their commitment to their vision, some artists may insist that clients first purchase from their existing body of work, demonstrating a vested interest in the artist’s established style. Consequently, this type of artist typically takes on very few commission projects in a year.

Navigating Art Commission Etiquette

As requests for commissions are rapidly increasing, I find myself navigating numerous inquiries for custom pieces. My personal rule is to prioritize requests from existing collectors. This decision is rooted in the understanding that these collectors are already invested in my work and appreciate my painting style and message. By painting something custom for them, I am confident they comprehend my artistic identity and what to expect. It’s almost as if I prefer to engage in ‘reverse commissions.’ For instance, a collector occasionally shares photos with me, and if I find myself enamored with the image or the story behind it, I feel inspired to create. This resonates with the quote, ‘If an artist falls in love with you, you can never die,’ emphasizing the importance of painting what one genuinely loves.

commission the artist

Navigating Art Commission Etiquette: several factors can deter a serious artist from accepting a commission

1. Asking the artist to replicate the style of another artist you admire.
2. Expressing interest in purchasing a specific painting but then changing direction to request something tailored to fit a specific space.
3. Indicating that while you love the artist’s work, your interior designer requires something to match furniture.
4. Revealing that you recently spent a substantial amount on another artist and now have a budget significantly less than the artist’s usual pricing.
5. Suggesting that granting your commission request could boost the artist’s career because of your influence in the art world.

Understanding and respecting the artist’s process and vision is key to fostering a positive collaboration. Building an art collection you will enjoy for many years to come, takes time, just like making the art takes time. Invest in art you absolutely love, and express your love of things with the Artist.

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Commissioned Artwork for Art in Nature Trail in Banff, Canada

Recently I was contacted about creating an original artwork on a slice of tree (wood cookie) for a very distinctive Canadian public art installation. The ‘Art in Nature Trail’ is Banff’s latest art extravaganza transcending the confines of traditional galleries, it breaks free from the limitations of admission tickets. Begun in 2021, it has become a meticulously curated collection of over 65 awe-inspiring art installations, masterfully crafted by esteemed Canadian Artists. These creations span a diverse range of mediums, each piece carefully selected to harmonize with the surrounding natural landscape.

Art in Nature Trail

Raw wood cookie, the canvas for the Artists of the Art in Nature Trail, 2023

The theme for the show this year (and for the past two years) is “what inspires you/heals you that is found in the forest….” Essentially, what do the artists want the visitor to feel when they look at at the Art, and then take with them as the carry on thru the woods. For this year’s event, running from July 1  thru September 30, 2023, I have created a piece that follows my series of paintings about a polar bear looking for a new home, while traversing Canada.

Artic Monarch: A Polar Bear’s Quest for Home

Artist Statement About the Painting:

As an artist, I have embarked on a creative exploration of the profound challenges faced by polar bears in a rapidly warming world. In my painting, “Arctic Monarch,” I invite you to join me on a captivating journey where a polar bear seeks a new home amidst the changing landscapes of Canada. Together, we traverse the country, eventually arriving at the breathtaking Banff National Park, a true natural gem.

In this poignant scene, I present the polar bear taking a respite on a snowy bank at the edge of a flowing river. As I paint, I envision the bear gazing skyward, captivated by the ethereal display of the Northern Lights. Amidst this celestial dance, the majestic constellation Ursa Major, representing the “greater bear,” materializes, signifying the polar bear’s regal presence. This magnificent creature truly embodies the essence of a polar bear king.

Using my brushstrokes and a vibrant color palette, I strive to capture the essence of this pivotal moment in the polar bear’s journey. Through my art, I aim to evoke contemplation about the profound impacts of climate change on our planet’s delicate ecosystems. “Arctic Monarch” serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the environment and the urgent need to preserve the natural wonders of Banff National Park and beyond.

In the creation of “Arctic Monarch,” I draw inspiration from the resilience and adaptability of wildlife. Through this artwork, I hope to ignite a sense of shared responsibility, encouraging viewers to reflect upon the interconnectedness of all life forms and the vital importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations. By experiencing the world through the polar bear’s perspective, I aspire to awaken a deep appreciation for the delicate balance between human activities and the preservation of Earth’s precious biodiversity. “Arctic Monarch” serves as a visual testament to the urgency of protecting our natural wonders and ensuring a sustainable future where magnificent creatures like the polar bear can continue to flourish. Join me on this artistic expedition, where brushstrokes become a conduit for dialogue and where the power of imagery compels us to recognize our collective duty in safeguarding the beauty that surrounds us. Let “Arctic Monarch” be a catalyst for change, inspiring us all to embrace environmental stewardship and forge a path towards a harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

SIZE: 11” x 15.5” x 2.5”d

Acrylic and gouache poured, painted with brush and scratched away for added textural elements. Painted on supplied wood cookie shipped to my studio from Canmore, Alberta.

Art in Nature Trail

Arctic Monarch, acrylic painting on wood cookie, 2023 – Brandy Saturley

This painting is on it’s way to Banff, you can view previous editions of this unique outdoor art experience on the Banff Lake Louise Tourism website here.

Art in Nature Trail, Banff Alberta Now open!

Art in Nature Trail

Arctic Monarch – polar bear painting with Ursa Major and northern lights, 2023, Art in Nature Trail, Banff Alberta Canada

You can find ‘Arctic Monarch’ by Brandy Saturley on the trail, near the Bow Falls.

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley at Art in Nature Trail – Banff, Canada 2023

This year’s edition of the ‘Art in Nature Trail’ opens July 1 and runs until September 30, 2023. After you visit the Art in Nature Trail, you can see more polar bear paintings by Brandy Saturley at Willock & Sax Gallery at 210 Bear Street in Banff town centre.

Polar Bear King paintings by Brandy Saturley – available at Willock & Sax Gallery, Banff Alberta.

The Art of Brandy Saturley – Commissioned Art for You.

Brandy Saturley has painted numerous commissioned original paintings in her unique pop realism aesthetic for Canadian art collectors, worldwide. Commissioned Art is conceived through a collaborative process with the client. Saturley has journeyed across Canada and the United States; on foot, by boat, by plane, subway, cab and even limousine. Whatever is required to capture the places and subjects required to tell the story on canvas.  A commissioned painting is a timeless and personalized gift unlike any other you could ever give, or receive. The final result is an original work of art combing your vision with the artist’s unique language and style.

The Process for Commissioning an Original Pop Realism painting with Brandy Saturley

COMMISSION PROCESS: After initial discussion with the client over the phone, by video conference, or in person; Saturley compiles notes and begins with creating three sketches either from client supplied photos, by artist research, or through original photography by the artist at your location, followed by a small watercolour study. These studies are then photographed and submitted to the client for approval, before commencing work on the original commissioned painting.

FEES: Current pricing for an original commissioned work painted by Brandy Saturley is the same as for existing original original pop realism paintings, which are priced by size.

ADDITIONAL FEES: if the original custom painting you wish to have created requires the artist to fly to location(s) to gather photography reference or meet in person, this would be an additional cost, paid by the client.

DEPOSIT UPON BEGINNING WORK: A 50% deposit is required upon agreement and commencement of study sketches and initial watercolour study. Balance due upon shipping final work. Commissions can take between one month, to one year depending on the complexity and size of the work. A commissioned painting is a lovingly crafted original creation and a collaboration between you and the artist, therefore it requires time and patience ensuring a one-of-a-kind, beautifully finished piece that will hold up and be enjoyed for generations.

For initial consultation inquiry, please contact The Art of Brandy Saturley directly at

Brandy is happy to discuss your ideas and walk you through the process of commissioning a one-of-a-kind painting created specifically for you, or as gift to your clients.

Examples of recent commissions:

Commissioned Pop Realism Style Landscape Painting of Icebergs in Newfoundland for a client in Montreal, Canada.

Brandy Saturley Commissioned Art

Commissioned Pop Realism Style Landscape Painting of Olympic Mountains and ocean, martini glass, sailboats, as seen from Oak Bay in Victoria BC.

Brandy Saturley Commissioned Art

Commissioned Pop Realism Style Landscape Painting of locations in Palm Springs, California.

Commissioned Pop Realism Style Figurative Painting of skaters on a frozen lake, for Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Brandy Saturley Commissioned Art

Commissioned Pop Realism Style Painting of Maryeve Dufault for Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

Read more about Commissioned Artwork from The Art of Brandy Saturley here.

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Art Collector Homes Part 2; Art in Oak Bay

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about art collector homes on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver Island. I’m not sure if it is the hot real estate market in Victoria BC, or my artwork on the walls, but something is happening here in BC and I am pleased to have my work prominently on display in these stunning homes. Earlier this year one of my collectors put their Cordova Bay dream home on the market, minus the artwork, though the bidders were hoping to have the paintings included in the sale. This month another collector, this time in Oak Bay has their stunning custom home on the market, a beautiful three-storey stunner, with an Olympic Mountain view.

Last summer I installed a custom painted, commissioned work of art on their wall with a view. I take on very few commissions as it takes time away from my core work as a professional artist, however in this case I was happy to oblige as the scale of the work and the idea sounded like a fun detour for a month. These commissioned paintings offer me a chance to get inside someone else’s head for a while and allow me to mentally stretch as an artist. In some cases they challenge me in new subject material and open me up to expressing views outside of my core work on canvas. It is a collaborative experience where the client is expressing their creativity through me, the artist. After all, we are all creative, but we are not all artists, or painters. As an artist I have the patience to commit myself to a month long process of creating something custom tailored to suit the client’s creative aspirations and vision. I bring my expertise with colour, form, composition and style, creating the perfect painting for the couple who will forever own the piece and pass it down to the next generation of art lovers.

Breathtaking views of the Salish Sea from this incredible custom residence situated in Victoria’s oldest and most sought after address, on King George Terrace in Oak Bay. Built in 1999 to exacting standards, this home features impressive views, amazing sunsets and the ocean activity in the channel.

The final painting was designed to echo the view out the main window, with sunset colours and sailboats, as you watch them sail by all year round, and by the hundreds during Swiftsure yacht race. It is a view where you can enjoy a glass of champagne, your favorite wine or in this case a martini with raspberries.

Read more about commissioning a painting from The Art of Brandy Saturley here.