You have a beautiful, but empty wall, so how do you commission an artist to create a custom artwork just for you?

Commissioned painting in clients home – Victoria, Canada

You have a beautiful space in your home or at the office, but the walls are bare. You have thought about buying a print, but it just doesn’t feel right, after all you have put so much time and effort into creating a beautiful and unique space. A cheap print just doesn’t seem like the way to top off your dream interior, like your clothing, you want to express your inner creativity and personality. You are not an artist, but the art you choose is an extension of you, your personality, tastes and a way to express yourself.

As a painter I create series of paintings, or themes and over the year’s the themes have evolved. From paintings of trees, to paintings inspired by the landscape and my travels. For the past five years I have been inspired by themes of Canada (symbolism, pop culture and landscapes) These bodies of work are the core of my artistic comment, they are my creative expressions about my thoughts on the world. Sometimes, my creative expression on canvas meshes with a collector’s and the collector buys the painting. Sometimes a client approaches me because they like what I create or my style of painting, but they want something for their home or office that is customized for their needs or taste. This is where commissioning a painter, can be a wonderful solution to your art collecting or interior decorating needs. Every so often a client will ask if I would consider creating a custom artwork for their walls. As an artist it gives me the opportunity to get to know my client on a deeper level and collaborate with them on bringing their unique creative expression to life. Commissioned works of art offer the ability for the non-artist to express their unique creative perspective and the result is a piece of art that is an extension of YOU.

This year I painted two commissions, one took a month to paint and the other almost three months. Both clients were looking for a landscape painting. One piece was created directly from a client supplied photograph and the other was created after a meeting with the client and a tour of their space. One client I communicated with over email and the other in person, proving that you don’t have to be in the same room to collaborate on a project. Below are photos of the resulting landscape paintings commissioned by two of my patrons. Find out more about commissioning an original painting, contact me here.

Reference photo for painting – permission granted by photographer Doreen Dalley