An Ethical Collaboration – The Art of Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Over the years, The Art of Brandy Saturley has proudly collaborated with a variety of distinctive brands and institutions. From ThinOptics reading glasses to the Vancouver Symphony, from fine wine to handmade chocolate bars, and even educational institutions, public schools, and university texts—wherever there’s a natural synergy, we’re eager to collaborate. Last year, our creative journey led us to a partnership with Grounded People, a revolutionary ethical footwear brand based in Vancouver, Canada. Introducing Brandy Saturley X Grounded People, unique artist collaborations launching Spring 2024.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People 2024

Artist Collaborations – Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Bringing together art and footwear, the collaboration between Brandy Saturley and Grounded People offers a unique fusion of creativity and style. Hand-painted with acrylics, The Art of Brandy Saturley tells four distinct visual stories on each pair of All SZN high-top shoes. Featuring Saturley’s signature ‘Pop Canadianisms’ style, the designs capture the essence of outdoor adventures in Canada, particularly the breathtaking landscapes of the Vancouver coastal mountains.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Original acrylic painting on Grounded People All SZN boots – Brandy Saturley, 2024

Each panel on the shoes showcases a unique story:

– Outside Left: Featuring ‘The Lions’ peaks, orcas, and maple leaves.
– Inside Left: Depicting the coastal mountain range and a Grounded hockey player.
– Outside Right: Showcasing the Garibaldi range (black tusk) with elk and a sunset.
– Inside Right: Highlighting more of the Garibaldi range with a Grounded snowboarder.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Artist collaborations: Brandy Saturley original painting on All SZN boots, 2024

The process of painting these shoes presented unique challenges due to the differing surfaces, but the result is a stunning blend of artistry and functionality.


Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Why collaborate with Grounded People?

Here are four compelling reasons:

1. Beautifully Designed and Comfortable Footwear: Grounded People’s footwear combines exquisite design with unparalleled comfort.
2. Ethical and Environmentally Conscious: Grounded People is committed to ethical manufacturing practices and environmental sustainability.
3. Unique Tracking System: Experience a unique journey through the creation of your footwear with Grounded People’s innovative tracking system.
4. Giving Back to the Community: Grounded People is dedicated to giving back through partnerships with charitable organizations.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Who are Grounded People?

Grounded People was founded with a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by setting a new ethical standard. They believe in producing fashion that minimizes environmental impact and prioritizes the well-being of all living beings.

Their commitment includes:

– Animal-Free Manufacturing: shoes are crafted without the use of animal products.
– Environmentally Friendly Materials: prioritize materials with low environmental impact to ensure durability and longevity.
– Fair Labor Practices: partner exclusively with manufacturers who uphold fair labor standards, ensuring workers are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

Additionally, their innovative LACES program offers versatility and supports charitable causes. With every pair of shoes purchased, we donate 100% of the proceeds to a charitable organization of your choice. Each charity is represented by a unique color of LACES, allowing you to support causes close to your heart.

Brandy Saturley X Grounded People

Grounded People All SZN shoes

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