Peek Inside: The Reality of Art in Homes

You may have seen the photos in your favourite interior design magazine or on artist and art gallery websites, photos of paintings hanging in perfectly paired environments. The reality of art in collector homes is often VERY different than what magazines present. The paintings of Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley hang in some pretty eclectic and remarkable interiors. Art in homes and corporate collections across the country. Sometimes clients like to share where they have installed their new art purchase, and we love getting the opportunity to peek inside a clients home or office.

art in homes

Buying art online can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to technology it is easier than ever to get a sense of how the work will look in your space. Simply by taking a photo with your digital device, and emailing it to us with wall dimensions, we can superimpose the artwork on your wall, virtually. This will give you an accurate sense of how the art will ‘fit’ in the space you have available. Different clients have different needs and personal tastes, some prefer to match the couch or choose a piece that pops with their wall colour. Other art collectors want a piece that blends into a space, or fits on a salon style wall. (numerous paintings of varied sizes hanging on a wall randomly)

art in homes

Many art collectors who buy the paintings of Brandy Saturley, buy what they love, and do not worry about how a piece will fit into their space. These are adventurous art lovers who tend to change the couch or wall colour, to go with the art. There is also the opportunity to commission the Artist to create something custom made for your home. Whatever your preference, it is always nice to see how other people hang their art and decorate their interiors. A bit of art collecting voyeurism here, we hope you will enjoy. Perhaps they will inspire you, or even take the pressure off. Collecting Art is not about perfect, it’s about what YOU love, what MOVES you, what REFLECTS your personal tastes. Buying Art should be fun, not hard work. Enjoy it! Here are a few more photos of collected paintings in homes and corporate offices across Canada.

art in homes

art in homes

art installation

art interior victoria bc

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The Rules of Buying Art Online

Choosing a piece of original art can be a daunting process, buying art online is a relatively new experience, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Whether you’re looking for a painting to suit a small or larger space here are some things to consider:

Create a budget. Establish your ‘ideal’ budget for a new artwork, and then add a little more for wiggle room. Why? You may find that next masterpiece is a tiny bit over your planned budget and if your budget is inflexible, you could always negotiate with the artist. There are many ways I accommodate my buyers requests, it may be free shipping, it could be a discount on multiple works, or it could be a financing plan to help assist you with buying the art you want, while paying for it over a time period that suits your budget. (Current pricing on artwork from Brandy Saturley)

Know your space. Knowing the dimensions of the intended wall space where your new artwork will hang, will help you narrow down your selection. If you have a theme, particular taste or colour palette, complement it. And by complement, we don’t mean matching the room perfectly — if your intention is to create a room that features bold, statement pieces, you might like to choose artworks that stand-out against the interior. If your intention is to buy a piece that reflects your personal style, tastes, and loves – selecting art becomes an extension of you, it is your way to be a collaborator in the creative process that reflects your personality – the art you choose becomes an extension of YOU. (Art Collector Homes – Inside A Contemporary West Coast Home)

Communicate with the artist. Our lives are a collection of memories, experiences and stories. You have your eye on an artwork, but would like to know the inspiration behind it, reaching out to the artist will help in painting a fuller picture of the piece and in turn develop your appreciation for the piece. Communicating with the artist will give you a whole new understanding of the piece, the intricacies of the creation, and the backstory of the work behind a piece of fine art. (A Day in The Life – documenting the creative process)

The only rule in buying art, buy what you love. Buying art is a very personal thing. If you connect with a certain painting, it will represent more than just a painting hanging on a wall; the art you choose is an expression of who you are. If you find an artwork that speaks to you, BUY IT. Fear of missing out can be an awful feeling.

Testimonials are another way to instill confidence that you are buying from a reputable gallery or independent artist, these references offer some idea of what your collecting experience will be like as a buyer. (Appreciation From Art Collectors)

If you LOVE it, if you ABSOLUTELY have to have it, then BUY it, you will never be disappointed when you buy something you LOVE.

All that is left to do now, is start shopping!  Happy art hunting.