How Your Art Is Shipped From Brandy Saturley’s Studio

The Anatomy of My Art Crates

Shipping is an essential part of doing business as an artist and protecting the artwork for travel is my number one concern. When I ship an original┬ápainting to a show, gallery or collector, I always use a custom wood crate to protect the artwork. The photos below show the crates I use to protect the artwork on it’s journey. The company that buildsand supplies me with the crates, VEVEX, offers me quick turn-around and delivery which makes it easy for me to order my crates on demand as needed.

Wooden art shipping crates for The Art of Brandy Saturley, by VEVEX crates in Vancouver BC.

Insulated and lined, my art shipping crates protect your art purchase.

Wooden art shipping crates, built by VEVEX and painted by Brandy Saturley for her #ICONICCANUCK Exhibitions in Alberta.