Famous Canadian Landscape

painting Lake Louise

Painting a Famous Canadian Landscape: A Tribute to Lake Louise

Lake Louise, located in Banff, Alberta, has been a source of inspiration for me on numerous occasions. Whether I visit during the vibrant summer months when the lake reflects shades of tropical turquoise or in the midst of winter, when the ice is thick enough for various recreational activities, the beauty of this iconic Canadian landscape never fails to captivate me. Throughout my art career, I have painted Lake Louise and its majestic peaks nine times, each rendition representing a different stage of my artistic journey.

Famous Canadian Landscape

Imagine Canoe: painting of a Blackfoot chief at Lake Louise, with red canoe

Following my return from London, I embarked on a new artistic venture: painting immense landscapes on unstretched duck canvas. My first undertaking in this style was Princess Louisa Inlet, situated on the sunshine coast of British Columbia. Rumored to be named after Princess Louise, or perhaps even Queen Victoria’s mother, this landscape became the initial exploration of my large-scale artistic vision. Subsequently, I completed my second expansive work, measuring an impressive seven feet in width, in December. This piece pays homage to the breathtaking view of Lake Louise, as seen from the eastern shoreline of the Fairmont Lake Louise, facing west.

Famous Canadian Landscape

The Sound of a Landscape – Princess Louisa Inlet: oversized acrylic landscape painting by Brandy Saturley

In the summer of 2019, my art career took me to London, England, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth. This fortuitous timing granted me access to the monarch’s archives, allowing me to share the mementos and stories of her personal life—a side seldom glimpsed, especially on such a grand scale. During my time in London, the exhibition “Victoria: Woman & Crown” at Kensington Palace intrigued me the most. It offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the royal curtain, showcasing the love for the arts shared by Victoria and Prince Albert. The exhibition even included some of Victoria’s own personal paintings. Notably, there are significant connections between my hometown of Victoria, Canada (named after the monarch), and the province of Alberta (named after Victoria’s fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta). The name “Alberta” itself, derived from the feminine form of Albert and rooted in German, conveys a meaning of brightness, nobility, and fame.

Portrait of a young Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace, London England 2019

Both the Queen and Princess Louise were staunch supporters of the arts in their public lives. Louise, an accomplished sculptor and artist, was also a strong advocate for the feminist movement. The naming of Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta, serves as a testament to the lasting influence of the monarch.

During the creation of this large-scale Canadian landscape painting, I documented my daily progress in the studio through time-lapse filming. By condensing the footage, viewers can witness the numerous layers of acrylic color applied repetitively until the desired hues, form, and depth are achieved. Personally, I find that painting to music helps establish the desired atmosphere in my studio. Consequently, when editing this short film, I sought out music that not only complements the tone of the film but also resonates with the final artwork itself.

Famous Canadian Landscape paintings

Brandy Saturley working on oversized landscape painting of Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Through this oversized tribute to Lake Louise, I hope to convey the profound beauty and timeless allure of this famous Canadian landscape. With every brushstroke, I aim to capture the essence of a place that holds a special significance in both the natural and cultural heritage of Canada.

Watch the entire process of painting, Lake Louise Swish here:

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painting Lake Louise

Oversized painting of Lake Louise inside Brandy Saturley studio.

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Famous Canadian Landscape

Poppies For Louise – by Brandy Saturley

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