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Celebrating 10,000 Art Shipping Crates!

Celebrating 10,000 Art Shipping Crates – Congratulations┬áto VEVEX! It’s not everyday that your receive an invitation to celebrate the creation of 10,000 art shipping crates. This month my art crate maker and supplier of the past decade is turning out their 10,000th crate, a major milestone for a company built from the ingenuity of one […]

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10 Years, 10 Lessons.

10 Years, 10 Lessons: Celebrating A Decade As a Full-Time Professional Visual Artist This is not your average top-ten list, and this is not your average career. Succeeding and surviving as a full-time, professional visual artist for a decade requires hard-work and flexibility, it is more than a job, a career, or a profession, and […]

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