Let Your Backbone Rise

Acrylic, 2016

The definition of rising to the occasion is; to meet the challenge of an event or to try extra hard to do a task. In our lives we face many crossroads and moments where courage is required, and where confidence is gained. Those times in which all the little pieces that came before, all the hard work, provides the base for standing tall next to those who own history. This is the simplest way to express my intent. The inspirations behind the piece include the work of Group of Seven luminary, Lawren Harris, famous for his soft and idealized paintings of the Canadian landscapes. The red coat for me symbolizes a stately influence, a bit mountie-esque, the red coat also hints at my love of The Beatles and specifically those satin coats they wore on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover. The backbone or spine, refers to 'having backbone'. Hold fast to your dreams, they will never lead you astray.