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The Best Paintings of 2022 Voted by You, Artwork Of The Year.

Thirty-four original acrylic paintings on canvas, that is how many new works I created in 2022. We narrowed this down to four paintings that we thought were the best this year, and then asked you to narrow it down to one painting, selecting Artwork of The Year for 2022. In a year that included contemporary pop realism paintings of canoes on lakes, polar bears, elk, snowy landscapes and people enjoying many different outdoor activities, the stories I was writing on canvas emitted a joy and love for life. These paintings were filled with wonder and a lust for wandering. Some moments influenced by Canadian popular culture and some by the experiences I was having during my travels of the year. There was a nod to The Queen and Nanaimo Bars. Solidarity with Ukraine and the strength and spirit of men and women. I played with creating in place at the Banff Centre and in Maui, Hawaii. In my Victoria BC studio, I was dreaming up narrative’s about my past and future journeys.

Here are four paintings we narrowed the year down to, telling visual stories on canvas. Listed in order of votes received, the number one painting of 2022 as voted by you, is Dreaming Under Northern Lights.

1. Dreaming Under Northern Lights
Artwork of the year

Crisp northern air, standing under the aurora borealis. A girl in a fur trimmed parka gazes up at the northern sky and watches the dance of light. Dreaming under the night sky and the magical dance of the Northern lights. 

2. Golden Hour in the Heart of Canoeland
Artwork of the year

Two scarlet red canoes meet at sunset, on a lake in Canada. In the distance two snow peaked mountain ranges, and a swoosh of clouds. The tree line bordering the lake sparkles with shades of emerald and lime green. Reflections on a perfect moment shared in nature. Perhaps a skinny dip? where are those canoe lovers.

3. Ukraine Strong
Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

Portrait of the artist in Ukrainian headdress, honouring her heritage and in support of Ukraine. She wears a blue collar flannel of red and black check, the quintessential Canadian business shirt. A Canadian Ukrainian with a pysanka egg of Ukraine flag yellow and blue resting between bicep and forearm. Against a background of wheat fields and blue sky.

4. Vermillion Canoes
artwork of the year

In the land of Vermillion Lakes, with mount Rundle with it’s distinctive slope outline in the distance. Two red canoes sit at sunset, the owners not to be seen. Perhaps an evening skinny dip or picnic. Filled with hues on sunset from red to orange and pink, a grassy fringe in the foreground frames the piece. Clouds like short brushstrokes sweep the sky. A piece meant for a large feature wall, it measures 3×5 feet. In a series that includes Sunset in the Heart of Canoeland, created in March 2022.

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