Tofino Is a Place for Artists

sand lines on chestrman beach

A truly West Coast experience, Tofino is a place for Artists.

fine art photo Tofino

When I break from the studio, I do so in search of adventure, and connection with nature. When I am looking to immerse myself in a truly west coast experience, the most ideal representation, can be found in Tofino. A place for Artists and art lovers alike.

Recently I escaped to this Vancouver Island surf town known for it’s long sandy beaches, great culinary experiences and rainforest surroundings. For an artist, the visual and aural stimuli sets your mind dreaming. Tofino comes with sounds of crashing waves, ravens, crows and eagles and a random rain storm tapping on your roof. For the very first time I was treated to an escape at The Wickanninish Inn. From top to bottom and inside out, every detail is distinctly west coast and thoughtfully executed. From the large cedar beams to the local art, which is plentiful throughout the resort, you are immersed in a finely crafted cultural experience. If you are a foodie, The Wick (which is how regulars refer to the resort) will set your taste-buds on a wild ride from which they may never recover. I suggest the tasting menu with BC wine pairing, after which you will really understand what makes Vancouver Island a province all it’s own.

A few photos from Tofino.

Photo from room at Wickaninnish

View from the room on the East wing of the Pointe building.

Brandy Saturley at wickaninnish tofino

A glass of Taylor Fladgate Port and a Hudsons Bay Point Blanket by the fireplace with a view

Wickaninnish Inn

A shower with a view – now feeling fully immersed

Tofino photos at Wick Inn

Down to Chesterman beach, chairs provided

brandy saturley photo wickaninnish beach

The lines and the light – a painter and photographers delight!

making art in Tofino

Stretch and surf!

Tofino inspires artists

The job of the Artist, is to make you SEE. Mountains in the tide pools.

Tofino fine art photography

Until next time!

Tofino artists making art in tofino

You can’t do Tofino without doing sunset at the Pier. Whether in Tofino or Maui, it is a ritual to honour the end of the day.

tofino artists paintings of tofino

Symbolically Yours,


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