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Becoming An Artist

Canadian artist Brandy Saturely the Iconic Canuck

Talking Art, Life and Passion with Winnipeg Filmmaker, Randy Frykas. When does someone become an Artist? What drives the creation of a painting? How many hours are spent making Art? People are attracted to passion, and those who pursue their passions relentlessly, putting it all on the line. In October 2019, a few months before […]

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Tofino Is a Place for Artists

sand lines on chestrman beach

If you are looking for a truly West Coast experience, look no further than Tofino. When I break from the studio, I do so in search of adventure, and connection with nature. When I am looking to immerse myself in a truly west coast experience, the most ideal representation, can be found in Tofino. Recently […]

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The Work of Art Begins

Creating a great work of art, begins long before the physical act of painting. Artwork is defined as the production of artistic work, such as painting or sculpture, but the work behind making an artwork begins long before the physical production. I just returned from a nine day journey across Western Canada, from Prairies to […]

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Artist and Intuition

painting by Brandy Saturley

“What I capture in spite of myself, interests me more than my own ideas.” ~ Pablo Picasso I have been thinking a lot lately about intuition and art, and how I have become more aware of how much I access the subliminal mind to communicate, where words fail to flow freely from my mouth. While I […]

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The Art of COVID-19

quarantine painting 2020

How the Coronavirus epidemic is influencing the art I am making. In my last post dated March 19, 2020 we were about one week into a state of emergency here in British Columbia. As we began to ready ourselves for social distancing, isolation, and quarantine measures here on Vancouver Island, the ‘Stay Home’ advertising began […]

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