Professional Artist

Professional Artist

What is a Professional Artist?

In Canada, according to the Canada Council for The Arts, professional artist is defined as an artist who has specialized training in their artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions), is recognized as a professional by his or her peers, is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially, and has a history of public presentation or publication. In legal terms a professional Artist is defined as an individual who has a history of paid work as an Artist. Being a professional artist also means you have the character traits and habits to persist in your aim, even in the face of challenge and lack of earnings.

Professional Artist

Anyone can consider themselves a professional artist, but that doesn’t make it so.

I watched a child trip on a curb and skin her knee. Her mother stopped to put a bandaid on the wound. Does this make her a doctor? or a nurse? My aunt takes painting classes and paints for enjoyment now and then, does that make her an Artist? There are many hobbyists and amateurs in the world of Art. What sets the professionals apart is every detail from our dedicated process for developing new artworks, through to finishing, presentation and delivery of the work. When I was in London at the Royal College of Art painting and expanding my mind and abilities as a contemporary painter, I came to see that in Europe, I did not have to explain why my profession of Artist, is a legitimate profession. When I was in New York City exploring the galleries in Chelsea, I did not have to explain that Artist is a legitimate profession. I also didn’t have to preface it with, “I’m a full-time professional Artist”. It is not the same in Canada, except for perhaps in Montreal and Toronto. Even though I have been making Art since birth, have training, public and commercial gallery shows and representation, and have been earning a full-time living from making Art for over 17 years. I know that I still have to educate people I meet, about what the profession of Artist really means.

Professional Artist

While there is no universally agreed-upon definition, several key elements characterize a professional artist. Firstly, they possess a high degree of technical skill and expertise in their chosen medium or discipline. They have typically undergone extensive training, education, or self-directed learning to develop their artistic abilities to a professional level.

Secondly, professional artists demonstrate a consistent and focused commitment to their artistic practice. They invest significant time and effort in creating artwork, often adhering to a disciplined work routine and meeting deadlines. They recognize the importance of continuous growth and improvement, and they actively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expand their artistic horizons.

Financial sustainability is another hallmark of a professional artist. They derive a significant portion, if not all, of their income from the sale of their artwork, commissions, grants, or other artistic endeavors. They approach their art as a business, managing contracts, negotiations, pricing, marketing, and financial aspects associated with their profession.

Professional artists also exhibit a level of professionalism in their interactions and collaborations. They maintain ethical standards, meet their obligations, communicate effectively, and conduct themselves with integrity when dealing with clients, galleries, curators, and other stakeholders in the art world.

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Ultimately, the definition of a professional artist encompasses a combination of technical skill, dedication, financial sustainability, and professionalism. It is a term that denotes not only artistic talent but also the commitment to pursue art as a serious and viable career path.

Being a Successful Artist in Today’s Age Means Embracing Technology

Professional Artist

It was 20 years ago I taught myself to write HTML in order to create my first website for my Art. Thank goodness it is a lot easier these days to create and maintain a website and my inventory, thanks to technology.

In today’s age, the role of an Artist has evolved beyond being a talented creator. While artistic talent remains a crucial aspect, the importance of being a skilled marketer cannot be overstated. To achieve success and widespread recognition, Artists must possess the ability to effectively promote themselves through various means, particularly the Internet and social media. The Internet and social media have revolutionized the way we consume and discover art. They provide Artists with unprecedented opportunities to reach a global audience, connect with fans and collectors, and build their personal brand. By leveraging these platforms, Artists can showcase their work, share their creative process, and engage directly with their audience.

Being an effective marketer allows Artists to create their own narrative, shape their image, and control how they are perceived by the public. They can strategically curate their online presence to align with their artistic vision and values. Through engaging storytelling and compelling visuals, Artists can captivate and connect with their audience on a deeper level, fostering a sense of loyalty and emotional connection.

Moreover, Artists who possess marketing skills can tap into various revenue streams beyond traditional art sales. They can explore collaborations, licensing opportunities, merchandise sales, and crowdfunding platforms to support their creative endeavors. By diversifying their income streams, Artists can maintain financial stability while continuing to pursue their artistic passions.

Furthermore, Artists who are adept at marketing can navigate the competitive art world more effectively. They can identify and target specific niches, build relationships with galleries, art dealers, and influencers, and seize opportunities for exhibitions, commissions, and partnerships.

The ability to market oneself has become an essential component of an Artist’s success in today’s digital era. By mastering the art of self-promotion, Artists can expand their reach, connect with their audience, and achieve recognition and financial sustainability. Embracing the role of an Artist as a marketer allows for greater creative autonomy and the opportunity to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving art landscape.

Professional Artist