Artist and Intuition

painting by Brandy Saturley

“What I capture in spite of myself, interests me more than my own ideas.” ~ Pablo Picasso I have been thinking a lot lately about intuition and art, and how I have become more aware of how much I access the subliminal mind to communicate, where words fail to flow freely from my mouth. While I […]

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A Canadian Portrait Project

The People of Canada Gallery is now open! The Official Gallery of the People of Canada Portrait Project. Hundreds of photos, dozens of stories, 20 final portraits. You are invited to join us at the inaugural exhibition of the People of Canada Portrait Project. The paintings in this exhibition span six years. In 2014, I […]

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The Art of COVID-19

quarantine painting 2020

How the Coronavirus epidemic is influencing the art I am making. In my last post dated March 19, 2020 we were about one week into a state of emergency here in British Columbia. As we began to ready ourselves for social distancing, isolation, and quarantine measures here on Vancouver Island, the ‘Stay Home’ advertising began […]

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