Top 10 Paintings

painting of polar bear on iceberg

Looking at buying an original painting from Brandy Saturley? This is my Top 10. When you are in love with the artwork of a specific artist, it can be hard to choose. This is something I hear all the time from collectors and art buyers looking to collect my original paintings. My role as the […]

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Quebec Loves #iconiccanuck

painting of woman in red coat with backbone by Brandy Saturley

Paintings under the oeuvre of #iconiccanuck, are attracting art lovers in Mount-Royal, Quebec. For a Canadian Artist, finding an audience among the numerous traditional landscape painters in Canada, is daunting. As a painter, to eschew the tradition of landscape painting in Canadian Art and create a new direction by confronting the enormity of the landscape, is […]

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Becoming An Artist

Canadian artist Brandy Saturely the Iconic Canuck

Talking Art, Life and Passion with Winnipeg Filmmaker, Randy Frykas. When does someone become an Artist? What drives the creation of a painting? How many hours are spent making Art? People are attracted to passion, and those who pursue their passions relentlessly, putting it all on the line. In October 2019, a few months before […]

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Tofino Is a Place for Artists

sand lines on chestrman beach

If you are looking for a truly West Coast experience, look no further than Tofino. When I break from the studio, I do so in search of adventure, and connection with nature. When I am looking to immerse myself in a truly west coast experience, the most ideal representation, can be found in Tofino. Recently […]

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The Road To Art

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley in her studio with landscape paintings

When the road delivers a story, and that story becomes landscape art. The work of art is always ‘fluid’ and the nice thing about this job is it lends itself well to periods of isolation, it is a requirement! But I am used to getting out of the studio pretty regularly between paintings, to experience life […]

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