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The Work of Art Begins

Creating a great work of art, begins long before the physical act of painting. Artwork is defined as the production of artistic work, such as painting or sculpture, but the work behind making an artwork begins long before the physical production. I just returned from a nine day journey across Western Canada, from Prairies to […]

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The Art of Collaboration

Andy Warhol Basquiat Collaboration

Canadian Artist Collaborations Inspired by Famous Art Collaborations in History There I was, a young artist beginning art college, excited about all the possibilities of art and romanced by the stories of famous artists’ lives and artists of the past. As a Canadian artist the most famous artist group is perhaps the Group of Seven, […]

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Two Canadian Artists – Painting Rocky Mountains

Canadian artist collaboration

Two Canadian artists are coming together by painting mountains on the Continental Divide. In early 2017, my “Canadianisms” began their solo exhibition tour across Alberta, and as part of promoting the tour and getting to know the arts community of Alberta, I attended the CARFAC AGM in Edmonton at CARFAC Alberta. Previously, Visual Arts Alberta, […]

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