How To Invest in Art

Beyond Buying Art for the Love of It: How to Invest in Canadian Art

Studio visits are something I offer rarely, as this is my working space, it is sacred. Thankfully, I maintain a studio in my home where my studio is separate, and my home functions as a place to display my art made in the studio below. Invitations to my home gallery are extended to serious investors only. If I feel there is a genuine interest for a specific piece in my collection, I will extend a rare opportunity to visit my home and see the work on a wall, properly lit for a serious art collector to enjoy in person. Investing in Canadian Art should be done with love first, and perhaps investment second, looking at an artists’ provenance and how this can bring investment insight.

How to Invest in Art

For me as the Artist, inviting a potential new client into my home studio, gives me a personal opportunity to meet someone who really loves my work. These opportunities to connect with a genuine fan, always give as much to me as the Artist, as the Art gives to a true lover of my paintings. In these intimate visits I can share the story behind the piece, and in the stories the collector brings to the piece through their own unique experiences. These collectors understand the investment in an art career that spans nearly two decades now. They are also aware of the depth of my involvement in the Canadian Art Industry, with important public and private gallery shows, as well as deep professional connections in the industry.

How to Invest in Art

Canadianisms: A Half Decade Painting Canada – Strathcona County Gallery @501 – 2017 Brandy Saturley

They also learn about the private and corporate collections who have invested in my work as well as my journey across Canada and England over the course of my career. Currently my dealer of choice, Willock & Sax in Banff Canada, represents my work. I also have work available through James Baird Gallery in Newfoundland, Canada. These phenomenal dealers offer my work as do I, and I also work together with them to help promote and sell my work. Dealing with me directly or these two dealers, confirms the painting will be an original Brandy Saturley, if the piece is not from one of these representatives, it is not an original and authentic Brandy Saturley.

Banff is Art

Willock & Sax Art Gallery, Banff Canada – Brandy Saturley 2023

Investing in Art: The Path to Profound Connection and Profit

Choosing the right artist is more than just selecting a name; it’s about recognizing influence, acknowledging public and media recognition, and delving into the artist’s journey. Whether it’s a contemporary master or a promising emerging talent, every piece holds the potential for long-term profitability and personal fulfillment.

The Art of Investment: Beyond Aesthetics

When considering an investment, it’s crucial to look beyond aesthetics. Assessing the long-term profitability of your acquisitions involves careful consideration of exhibition, preservation, and storage conditions. Protecting your investment isn’t just about preserving the artwork; it’s about safeguarding its value for generations to come.

Art as Legacy: The Power of Donation

Beyond the monetary gains, the true value of art lies in its ability to inspire and endure. By considering the donation of your acquisitions to museums or recognized charities, you not only enrich cultural heritage but also unlock significant tax benefits—a legacy that transcends generations.

hockey gallery Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

The Art of Brandy Saturley @ Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, 2012

Navigating the Art Market: Seek Expert Guidance

In the complex world of art investment, guidance is paramount. By consulting with experts—gallery owners, art advisors, tax accountants—you gain insights that extend beyond the canvas. Trust in their knowledge, but never forget the importance of following your heart.

In the End, Trust Your Instincts

Amidst the intricacies of art investment, one truth remains: buy what you love. As an artist, I encourage you to consider all factors, but ultimately, let your passion be your guide. Your investment journey is as unique as the art you choose to embrace—embrace it with confidence and conviction.

How to Invest in Art

Two of Three Acquisitions by the Colart Collection, Montreal CANADA – 2012 Brandy Saturley

How to Invest in Canadian Art: Buy an original Brandy Saturley

Are you ready to step into a world where passion and profit converge? Join me on a journey where every brushstroke tells a story, and every investment holds the promise of a brighter future. Start your art investment journey today, through buying something to love and enjoy for generations.

Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity

Brandy Saturley at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, 2022