A Canadian Art Collection – The Artworks of Brandy Saturley

On this page you will find paintings separated into Collections, for ease of viewing and buying artwork created by Brandy Saturley. The important art collections featured here span the past 15 years of the Canadian artists’ career. From the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the trees of Vancouver Island, from Canadian sport to ‘Canadianisms’, here you will find many paintings inspired by the travels, photography and writing produced by this Canadian artist.

Here you can view the art by collection or body of work including; New Artworks, Canadianisms (paintings inspired by Canada), People of Canada Portrait Paintings, Landscape and Rocky Mountain paintings, Sold Artworks, and Small Artworks for smaller spaces. You will also find; Commissioned works of art, Early Artworks from early career, and paintings inspired by Saturley’s travels in art, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, New York City, Maui and the Oregon Coast.