Healing Power of Art

Healing Power of Art

The Power of Sentiment – The Healing Power of Art

Recently, the heartbreaking news of devastating summer fires in two places I hold dear, Lahaina, Maui, and Yellowknife, NT, has profoundly affected me, influencing my current body of work centered around the journey of a Polar Bear King. The undeniable healing power of art has been extensively documented and discussed. Art has the remarkable ability to tap into the inherent healing potential within each of us, fostering a sense of communal connection.

When we stand before a work of art, we become linked not only to the artist but also to others who have shared in this experience. This connection, whether to ourselves or to fellow art enthusiasts, lies at the heart of the art-and-healing nexus. Healing, much like art, is not a static destination with a prescribed timetable or endpoint; rather, it’s a meandering path with numerous potential avenues. ‘Art can harness the healing power within each of us and help bring us into community with one another.’ MoMA

Just as every encounter with a cherished piece of art offers fresh insights and emotions, the healing process is a dynamic journey, with opportunities branching out in myriad directions.

A short story and two new Polar Bear King paintings.

Healing Power of Art

The Chair of Contemplation – painting, installation and photography by Brandy Saturley

A Tale of the Polar Bear King in Lahaina and Yellowknife

In the lands of Lahaina and Yellowknife so grand,
Where summer wildfires scorched both sea and land,
A tale unfolds of two paintings so rare,
Of a Polar Bear King, on an expedition, solitaire.

They hung in a gallery, dusty and old,
Their frames chipped and tarnished, or so I’ve been told.
One showed the bear, resting under a great Banyan, with a crown of Lei on his head,
The other, in the town of Yellowknife, where around the town, wildfires had spread.

Healing Power of Art

Under the Banyan Tree, 24×36 inches, acrylic and gouache on canvas, 2023

One sunny day, as the sun took its rest,
The paintings came to life, yes, you read that jest!
With a shimmer and a shake, they broke from their frames,
The Polar Bear King leading their colorful games.

Through swirling vortex, they journeyed so bright,
From Lahaina to Yellowknife, day and night.
They soared through the skies, o’er mountains and plains,
Healing the wounds of the fire’s fiery reigns.

In Lahaina, the first, where the palm trees did sway,
They brought rain and cool breezes to chase heat away.
The people rejoiced, their spirits set free,
As the paintings worked magic, for all eyes to see.

Then on to Yellowknife, where winter was near,
The Polar Bear King brought the Northern Lights clear.
They danced in the sky, a colorful delight,
Chasing away darkness and the cold of the night.

Healing Power of Art

Defender of The North, 24×36, acrylic and gouache on canvas, 2023

The paintings, they whispered tales of hope and of grace,
Of a world that’s in need of a loving embrace.
With a twinkle and gleam, they returned to their place,
In the gallery, dusty, with a smile on their face.

The Polar Bear King and the healing they’d brought,
In Lahaina and Yellowknife, their wonders were sought.
Now their story is told, a tale to inspire,
Of two paintings’ journey, set the world to inquire.

Healing Power of Art – sending love to the world.

With these paintings I am sending a beautiful bubble of protection, healing and love to the peoples of Lahaina and Yellowknife. See all the Polar Bear King Paintings here.

Healing Power of Art

Chair of Contemplation August 2023, Brandy Saturley studio, Vancouver Island, BC