Here Comes The Sunset

Acrylic, 2018

When you visit the islands, whether it be that of the west coast of Canada or Hawaii, everyone gathers to watch the sunset. This particular sunset painting was inspired by a gathering in Tofino on Vancouver Island. As the sun begins to come down, dark silhouetted figures begin to gather. On the beach, on the dock, on a balcony; anywhere near the ocean and facing the direction of the sun. Young and old, locals and tourists alike come to honour the day and let go of what was, ready for the new dawn. It is a tradition that was marked by the native cultures of the Islands. On the Hawaiian islands the ritual begins with the sounding of the conch shell to gather up all the mana, or energy from the four corners, our days, our ancestors and ourselves. As the sun touches the ocean, you let all these things go, so you can await the dawn and a new day. The chant calls on the gods and on our ancestors to give us wisdom, and to help us bid farewell to the day, whose light is represented through the heartbeat-like rhythms of the drum. Here comes the sunset.