Vancouver Island’s Premier Art Exhibition

Vancouver Island's Premier Art Show

2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show – Vancouver Island’s Premier Art Exhibition

The Sooke Fine Arts Show holds a special place in my heart as it takes me back to my childhood in the beautiful Vancouver Island community. Known for its vibrant Indigenous cultures, wild west coast beaches, fisherman, and loggers, the show has grown from humble beginnings to become Vancouver Island’s premier art event of the summer season. Having attended this exhibition since I was 12 years old, I have witnessed its transformation into a captivating public art gallery, a commercial hub for art collectors, and a social gathering celebrating the arts. It has quickly become, Vancouver Island’s Premier Art Exhibition.

Sooke Potholes

A summer favourite – swimming at Sooke Potholes

A Rich History:
The Sooke Fine Arts Show has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1986 when the Sooke Region Museum showcased artworks from local artists in its upper gallery. Spurred by the buzz of Expo ’86, a committee of five local artists conceived the idea of a show to highlight the talents of the region. Thus, the inaugural FINE ARTS ’86 was born, laying the foundation for what has now become Vancouver Island’s longest-running juried fine art show.

Sooke Region Museum

Sooke Region Museum presents Fine Arts Unlimited, 2006

An Artistic Extravaganza:
Each summer, the Sooke Fine Arts Show provides a platform for the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands to showcase and sell their work. The show exhibits a diverse range of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media and photography, all reflecting the unique essence of the west coast. Visitors can expect to be captivated by engaging, enriching, and radically unique pieces that resonate with their souls.

Vancouver Island's Premier Art Exhibition

Embracing Indigenous Heritage:
The Sooke Fine Arts Show honors the Indigenous heritage of the land it stands on, situated on the territory of the T’Sou-ke First Nation. This celebration of art and culture brings together artists and art enthusiasts from far and wide, contributing to the region’s cultural diversity and creativity.

A Homecoming for Me:
For me, Sooke will forever be my original ‘hometown,’ where I spent the first couple decades of my life exploring the arts, hiking, and contributing to the community. Though my career has taken me far, I am deeply honored to participate in this prestigious exhibition and support the talented Canadian artists who showcase their remarkable creations at the show.

Vancouver Island's Premier Art Exhibition

Sooke Community Association – Brandy Saturley with her mother Judy, 1972

Join Us at the Show:
This year, my painting, ‘Swinging Into the Weekend,’ will be featured at the Sooke Fine Arts Show. I invite you to join me at this year’s event, which will run from July 29 to August 7, 2023. The show will take place at SEAPARC Leisure Complex, located at 2168 Phillips Road, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0Y3. Just 35 kilometers from Victoria, the charming harbor town of Sooke provides a perfect base for visitors to explore the untamed beauty of Vancouver Island’s west coast and the stunning Olympic mountain range.

Vancouver Island's Premier Art Show

Swinging Into The Weekend, on view at the 2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show, Brandy Saturley

The 2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show promises to be an extraordinary art extravaganza, showcasing the talents of exceptional Canadian artists amidst the breathtaking landscape of Vancouver Island. Whether you are an art collector, an admirer of creativity, or simply seeking an enriching experience, this premier art show is not to be missed. Join us in celebrating the arts, culture, and the captivating beauty of Vancouver Island’s west coast at the Sooke Fine Arts Show.

Photos from the 2023 Sooke Fine Arts Show