Paintings under the oeuvre of #iconiccanuck, are attracting art lovers in Mount-Royal, Quebec.

For a Canadian Artist, finding an audience among the numerous traditional landscape painters in Canada, is daunting. As a painter, to eschew the tradition of landscape painting in Canadian Art and create a new direction by confronting the enormity of the landscape, is a bold undertaking. This new direction means cultivating a new audience, through the creation of a new perspective on landscape painting in Canada. British Columbia based artist, Brandy Saturley, has been cultivating a new audience under the moniker, #iconiccanuck, a title which the artist created for an exhibition in 2013, which has now become a persona and brand of sorts for the work the artist has been producing for over a decade.

Referred to as ‘Pop Canadianisms’, the artist has sold work to provinces across Canada, and often without ever speaking in person or by phone, with her clients. As a full-time self representing artist, Saturley proudly talks about her journey to #iconiccanuck in a documentary film created in 2019.¬†

Saturley is known for painting themes of hockey, along with her love for the Montreal Canadiens hockey club. Perhaps this is why she has gained a loyal following and many collectors in the Mount-Royal area of Quebec.

Here are five paintings that have been collected by art collectors in Mount-Royal;

painting of iceberg near Twilingate by Brandy Saturley

painting of woman in red coat in front of Lawren Harris landscape by Brandy Saturley

painting of woman in red holding a canoe by Brandy Saturley

painting of iconic hockey line Punch Line on a bench on the ODR by Brandy Saturley

painting of hockey goalie mask on Canadian flag with hockey sticks and mountains by Brandy Saturley

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