Canadian Artists at Pouch Cove

Exploring Artistic Inspiration: 15 Canadian Artists at Pouch Cove

As I prepare to embark on a journey to Newfoundland, Canada, a place known for welcoming the first rays of sunlight in the country, I find myself reflecting on the archives of Canadian artists who have been fortunate to experience the creative haven provided by the Pouch Cove Foundation in Newfoundland.

Founded in 1990 by James Baird and officially incorporated in 1997, the Pouch Cove Foundation has served as a retreat for over a thousand visiting artists from all corners of the globe. Nestled on the Northern Avalon Peninsula in the picturesque province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, this residency has played host to not only renowned Canadian visual artists but also writers and musicians. As I meticulously plan, prepare, and pack for this upcoming adventure, I eagerly anticipate the artistic exploration that awaits me on the east coast of Canada, which will be a world apart from my usual surroundings on Vancouver Island.

Canadian Artists at Pouch Cove

Aerial View Pouch Cove, Newfoundland

In addition to the residency, the Pouch Cove Foundation is also home to a unique contemporary art gallery. The James Baird Gallery is an art gallery located in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It was founded in 1989 as a regional gallery on the East Coast of Canada. The gallery has developed a solid base of national and international artists through its intimate connection to an artist residency program. The gallery is housed in the totally renovated Pouch Cove Elementary School. The gallery has curated hundreds of exhibitions over almost thirty years at its facilities in Newfoundland and also at public, commercial, and pop-up spaces as well as art fairs across America and Europe. The gallery is focused on contemporary painting in its many forms and lives by the golden rule – That You Should Only Buy What You Love.

This unique opportunity allows me to bring my artistic journey full circle, spanning two decades and taking me from Vancouver Island to the Northern Territories and now to the extreme east coast of Canada. It’s a coast-to-coast-to-coast perspective that I’ve been striving for throughout my career as an artist.

A year ago, I was preparing for a residency at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, a vastly different experience from what the east coast promises. Banff greeted me with its snowy mountains and forested landscapes, offering a picture-perfect winter wonderland. I have no doubt that Newfoundland will present a stark contrast, and I am thrilled at the prospect of exploring its rugged coastlines, unique geography, and the captivating textures of its rocky terrain. I’ll be on the lookout for those quintessential hints of Canadiana: brightly painted buildings set against moody skies. Immersing myself in Newfoundland’s rich culture and warm hospitality is another exciting prospect, as is embracing the wildness and distinctiveness of the region.

As I delve into the Pouch Cove Foundation’s residency archives, I’m delighted to showcase 15 remarkable Canadian artists in residence from 1990-2023, whose work I deeply admire, and who have drawn inspiration from this exceptional opportunity.

Pouch Cove Nights, Ray Mackey Photography

15 notable Canadian artists who have been invited to create art in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland by the Pouch Cove Foundation:

1. Harold Klunder – Flesherton, Ontario
2. Wanda Koop – Winnipeg, Manitoba
3. David T Alexander – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
4. Jordan Broadworth – Toronto, Ontario
5. Scott MacLeod – Montreal, Quebec
6. Marlena Wyman – Edmonton, Alberta
7. Beverley Hawksley – Toronto, Ontario
8. Sarah Slean – Toronto, Ontario
9. Jim Park – Vancouver, Canada
10. Tim Okamura – New York, USA (originally from Edmonton)
11. Robert LeMay – Edmonton, Canada
12. Nicole Sleeth – Victoria, Canada
13. Andrew Morrow – Ottawa, Ontario
14. Jeremy Herndl – Victoria, British Columbia

Canadian Artists at Pouch Cove

Brandy Saturley at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, 2022

I can’t wait to join the ranks of these esteemed artists and immerse myself in the beauty and uniqueness of Pouch Cove, Newfoundland. See you soon, Pouch Cove!

Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley (#15)