Hockey Art Show

hockey art show

The Hockey Art Show – 19 Paintings About Ice Hockey

The Hockey Show is an exciting retrospective art show of 19 paintings about the game of ice hockey by Canadian Visual Artist Brandy Saturley, created between 2011-2022.

The collection features many famous paintings spanning more than a decade. The show includes the iconic Goalie’s Mask Painting (Goalie’s Mask: Red, White and Dryden) which was shortlisted for an Olympic trophy in 2013. You will also find a number of works which reference both the Habs (Montreal Canadians Hockey club) as well as the Edmonton Oilers and the iconic Lord Stanley’s Cup. One of the most humorous and memorable pieces in the show, ‘Death of A Rookie’, references hockey legend.  The painting is an ode to Oliers Steve Smith, in the style of Jacques Louis David, referencing The Death of Marat painting created in 1793. “Saturley’s Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero is a take on the political painting The Death of Marat by French painter Jacques-Louis David, 1793. In Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero we see Oilers #5 (Steve Smith) sitting up in a tub surrounded with empty beer bottles while holding a letter and a pen. The letter that Smith is holding states: “Dear Grant, I have no words…, I’m sorry. So very sorry…”

This letter is in response to Smith’s rookie year when he scored a critical goal on his own goalie in the divisional final that allowed the Calgary Flames to move forward to the Stanley Cup. Grant Fuhr was the Oilers goalie that Smith scored on. The French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat in the painting The Death of Marat is found in the same position, but, unlike Smith, Marat has been murdered by political enemy Charlotte Corday. Corday blamed Marat for the September Massacre (a wave of killings in Paris and other cities in late summer 1792 during the French Revolution). The huge backlash received by Smith after scoring on his own team can be perceived as similar to the actions of Marat against his own people. But this is where the analogy ends; Smith recovered and went on to be a valued player by the Oilers and when they won the Stanley Cup the following year, Wayne Gretzky (opposite of Marat’s Charlotte Corday), handed him the cup to skate a lap at the arena. Death of a Rookie, Rise of a Hero is about perseverance and continuing on when the chips are down.

There is also a piece that celebrates the Habs famous hockey line, ‘The Punch Line’, as well as a current piece that celebrates the Canadian Women’s Olympic Gold winning team. A few of the recent works reference childhood and the inception point for the love of hockey on outdoor ice rinks. No matter your experience with the game of ice hockey, whether a hockey fan, or an art fan, you will find something that makes you smile in these artworks.

The show opens June 2, 2022 and runs until June 15th. The show is being presented in a three dimensional virtual art gallery accessible by visiting 

hockey art show