The Sound of a Landscape - Princess Louisa Inlet

Acrylic, 2019

This is a large format landscape painting of Princess Louisa Inlet, on the sunshine coast, Sechelt area of British Columbia. The beginning of any painting, means the beginning of a journey, and every journey needs a soundtrack. Almost my entire career I have come to rely on music to set the tone in my studio, I choose the soundtrack very carefully as I believe it will affect the direction, feeling and outcome of the piece. The beginning of this painting began with Jazz, my ears consumed nothing but Jazz for the first four weeks of this painting. The final week I found myself coming back around to an old favourite album from 2011, in 'King of Limbs' - an epic self-released album by English group Radiohead. In this case the journey came through the use of a very eclectic selection of music, colourful music. When I pulled back from the painting I came to see the images produced by signal processing, like while using audio mixing software, wave lengths of sound. Seeing these images in the painting, helped bring the title; The Sound of a Landscape. With this first new landscape of 2019 complete, I already see a series developing, exploring the 'sounds' of the landscape.