Art Studio Image Project

Art Book Studio Image Project

NEW Art Book Studio Image Project

A new art book arrived to my studio this week. The Art Studio Image Project published by Friend of The Artist, featuring artist’s studios, worldwide. The Studio Image Project aims to uncover some of the hidden stories behind these studio spaces and their role in their inhabitants’ artistic practices. As more images were received for the project, an overarching theme emerged: artists see their studios as a sanctuary.

Art Book Studio Image Project

The Studio Image Project, 2022 published by Friend of The Artist created by Ty Bishop

Pleased to participate in this project with a photo from the sanctuary of my studio. Over the years I have come to photograph my final moments before completing a painting, these moments have become known as, ‘The Chair of Contemplation’, where I sit in my orange studio chair and review my paintings and decide on final touches. These moments have become performance art as I inhabit a persona that relates to the tone of the painting.

Art Book Studio Image Project

The Studio Image Project, 2022 featuring Brandy Saturley Studio, Victoria BC

My studio is a sanctuary, it is a place to disappear into, with music pumping, it is time to enter the flow. It is a place where artist’s play, practice, work and make Art. A place where ideas, dreams, writings, photos and sketches take flight and become real tangible things. It where we begin technically, and as we move beyond our blueprints, the world melts away around us, and it becomes nothing but us and the Art. When I can hear nothing but the sound of my paintbrush scratching on the canvas, I am where I need to be to make the best and purest Art I want. It is where I move beyond the point of me and the artwork, and the painting and I become one, and we move together. It is much like a dance, only this dance is of colour, light, form, tone and texture. It is where I begin in the shadows and finish with the light. It is all about reaching the light and coming up for air. This is what happens in my art studio.

Brandy Saturley in her Vancouver Island Art studio.

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