Enjoy The Art: Three Canadian Art Galleries & Current Events

This month we have three Canadian art galleries representing and showing original paintings of Brandy Saturley. From themes of Wildlife in Toronto with John B. Aird Gallery, to Beautiful Still Life in Oakville at Summer & Grace gallery to the Polar Bear King and landscapes of Alberta in Banff with our dedicated art dealer Willock & Sax, original works from this Victoria based artist are continuing to fascinate audiences across Canada. Here are three events with Canadian Art Galleries this spring.

Wildlife with John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto, Canada

The world’s population has tripled in roughly seventy years. In that period, people encroached on habitats that had previously only been occupied by WILDLIFE. Artworks by 70 artists, juried by Montreal-based gallerists André Laroche and Louis Joncas. Online juried slide exhibition with playlist and PDF catalogue.

Canadian Art Galleries Events

Monarch of The Arctic Realms: 48×48, acrylic on canvas, 2023, Brandy Saturley

A Beautiful Life: Still Life Exhibition at Summer & Grace Gallery in Oakville, Canada

A collection of captivating still life artworks by Canadian Artists, each offering a unique perspective on the beauty found in the ordinary. From meticulously arranged fruit bowls to artfully painted floral arrangements, this exhibition showcases the timeless allure of the still life genre.

Canadian Art Galleries Events

CHARITY: 36×36 acrylic on canvas, Brandy Saturley

At Willock & Sax Gallery in Banff, Canada

Canadian Art Galleries Events

King of The Polar Bears: 48×36, acrylic on canvas, Brandy Saturley

It is wonderful to have work on view with these three exceptional Canadian Art Galleries, two being in Ontario and my dedicated art dealer and representative in Banff, Alberta. Offering my clients the ability to view and purchase my work across Canada is an important part of expanding my reach as a Canadian Artist. From commercial art galleries to public art galleries, I am proud to show and sell my work through these phenomenal galleries.

In nearly two decades as a professional full-time Canadian artist, 17 of those years self-representing, my contributions have been numerous and oftentimes undocumented as I believe an important part of my responsibility as a professional Canadian Visual Artist is to be an educator.  As artists in this Canadian Art community I believe our role is to educate every person we encounter about Art and the Arts in Canada. When I travel for my art career, I see myself as an ambassador of sorts for the Canadian Arts Community and Canada itself. It is a privilege to pursue a full-time professional career as a visual artist, and I do not take this opportunity or the importance of arts and culture lightly. Art is more than something beautiful to decorate your wall, so very much more, it is the fabric of humanity and a legacy that will live on long after we have exited this world.

Canadian Art Galleries Shows

Art in Banff, Canada – Willock & Sax Introduces Brandy Saturley

We are delighted to announce that The Art of Brandy Saturley is now available in Banff, Alberta through Willock and Sax Gallery. On the heels of an artist residency at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, the artist is thrilled to have gained representation in Banff. For 24 years now art dealers Tom Willock and Susan-Sax Willock have been connecting people with art, helping art collectors find art they will love for the rest of their life. The Banff gallery located on Bear Street has an impressive and well curated selection of work encompassing many different media and genres by a strong roster of fine Western Canadian art and artists. Willock & Sax represents emerging and established artists and is dedicated to furthering the legacy of historical artists. Collectively they bring to the business over 60 years of experience from the cultural sector, commercial enterprises, and academic studies, including Director of a Public Museum and Art Gallery, Director of a Provincial Arts Service Organization for Visual Art, and academic background in the history of art, design, and visual culture.

Art in Banff Canada

Currently the gallery has four paintings on site by Brandy Saturley, showing themes of mountains, landscapes, canoes and even a polar bear riding a Jeep. A nice representation of the work this Canadian painter has become known for over the past two decades. Not only is Banff a stunning natural destination nestled into the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it is also a destination for art lovers with the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, numerous private and public art galleries such as the Walter Phillips Gallery and the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.


Art in Banff Canada

Vermillion Canoes in the window of Willock & Sax Gallery, Bear Street, Banff, Alberta

It will be interesting to see where my recent experience making art at the Banff Centre and my time spent in Banff capturing locations through photography and video will feed new work to be made over the coming months.

Art in Banff Canada