Canadian Pop Art Paintings by Brandy Saturley

Spanning a decade, these Canadian pop art paintings by Canadian Visual Artist Brandy Saturley create an open dialogue of what it means to be Canadian. They are informed by our iconography, our passion, our humour, our tolerance and kindness. From public galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario, to public and private art collections across Canada, these paintings of Victoria born painter Brandy Saturley, have garnered the artist notoriety as “The Voice of Canadian Pop Art”. Begun in 2010, the year of the Vancouver Olympic Games, with painting a goal tenders mask on the Canadian flag, Saturley began exploring the collective Canadian consciousness in her paintings. Coining the term #ICONICCANUCK, the title of the first public gallery exhibition produced by the artist. Creating a distinctive style enjoyed by Canadian art collectors worldwide. You will find polar bears, red canoes, the Canadian flag, beer, wildlife, and iconic landscapes. Distinctly Canadian Art, rendered in a pop art style with elements of realism and modernism.