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Original Acrylic Paintings Archive of Brandy Saturley

Original acrylic paintings archive of Canadian artist Brandy Saturley. This art collection includes paintings that have not been seen in galleries and some of which were transferred directly to the artists’ storage vault upon completion. You will also find re-sale or secondary market paintings that were traded-in my collectors looking to upgrade or change the work in their collections. The paintings on this page represent the time period of 2007-2020, over a decade of artworks. Symbolic and painted with a ‘pop art’ style, these paintings bring together realistically painted subjects, set against vividly painted backdrops. Creating narratives about Canada, rather than true to life representations. In these paintings you will see maple leaves, icons of Canada, and Canadian popular culture. Saturley’s husband and business manager Robert, has chosen the work in this collection and on this page. He has selected these artworks on a weekly basis to be presented to the public through this website and social media. ‘Robert’s Picks’ are our featured artwork of the week.